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    Phobias: What Makes Your Blood Run Cold

    The list of our fears is seemingly endless. But when intense fear becomes dreadful horror, accompanied by an irregular heartbeat and panic attacks - it might be symptoms of phobia. There are at least a hundred common phobias, including the fear of spiders, snakes, elevators, water, gossip and numbers. Learn how phobias are being diagnosed, categorized and treated. Discover what terrified Harry Potter and Count Dracula and what spooked the master of suspense - Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Listen to our special series “Phobias: What Makes Your Blood Run Cold.”

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    12:28 GMT 18 August 2016
    • Psychologist
      Last update: 10:15 GMT 19.08.2016
      10:15 GMT 19.08.2016

      How to Stop Holding Your Breath

      Being more than just fears, phobias are often difficult to overcome. In many cases people require the assistance of a trained mental health professional, and sometimes it may take years of therapy to cure a common phobia.

      Phobias: What Makes Your Blood Run Cold
    • Vampire
      Last update: 09:17 GMT 17.08.2016
      09:17 GMT 17.08.2016

      What Scares the Masters of Horror

      Hollywood loves horror movies, bringing millions of dollars annually to directors, writers and actors who create vampire sagas and TV series about werewolves. But it turns out that when it comes to their own personal fears, the masters of horror themselves are just the same as the rest of us: they suffer from the same common phobias.

      Phobias: What Makes Your Blood Run Cold
    • A clown
      Last update: 09:21 GMT 16.08.2016
      09:21 GMT 16.08.2016

      The Fear of Makeup-Clad Entertainers

      Coulrophobia is not a common condition, it’s a rare phobia. But unlike many of those who just don’t like clowns, coulrophobic patients may feel “shaken and traumatized” at the sight of Pierrot.

      Phobias: What Makes Your Blood Run Cold
    • Black Widow spider
      Last update: 10:00 GMT 15.08.2016
      10:00 GMT 15.08.2016

      Creepy, Crawly: The Scariest Creature on Earth

      There are dozens of things that can turn a person into a bundle of nerves. But there’s one creature that Western civilization fears the most. The origins of this phobia may go back to the Stone Age because the object of fear has been living around humans for thousands of years.

      Phobias: What Makes Your Blood Run Cold