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    Brexit or Fixit

    Should we stay or should we go? That's the question facing the British public on 23rd June as they prepare for what has been deemed a ‘golden opportunity' by Eurosceptics for Britain to exit the European Union. Enflaming passions on both sides, the debate heats up as John Harrison questions Britain's foremost speakers on the subject.

    Piccadilly Circus, London, England
    16:57 16 June 2016
    • Toast with Marmite sits on a kitchen counter in Manchester, Britain October 13, 2016.
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      18:50 13.10.2016

      'Love It or Hate It,' Sterling Drop Leaves Bad Taste on Brexit Table

      Britain's pound sterling is continuing to weaken following Britain's Prime Minister's Theresa May's announcement that she will trigger Article 50 to get Brexit going before March 2017, falling 0.3 percent against the dollar to US$1.269 and dropping by 0.4 percent to 1.1046 euros in early trading.

      Britain and EU After Brexit
    • A campaigner wears a T-shirt bearing the slogan Believe In Britain as he attends an Anti-EU (European Union) United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) pro-Brexit campaign event, ahead of the forthcoming referendum, in Birmingham, central England, on May 31, 2016.
      Last update: 16:04 10.06.2016
      16:04 10.06.2016

      Brexit or Fixit: Can We Trust the Polls?

      Professor John Curtice is a renowned UK poll expert who has commented on UK elections for decades. In this programme he explains what a poll actually is, before commenting on how we can analyse contemporary polls on the EU referendum.

      Brexit or Fixit
    • Brexit themed beermats and magazines in JD Wetherspoon's pub, Edinburgh, Scotland.
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      16:55 02.06.2016

      Brexit or Fixit: Are We Back to Knocking the Migrants?

      The economic argument in favour of Brexit seems to be in trouble, as the IMF, OECD, Barack Obama, and leaders of the British establishment disapprove of Britain leaving. So Brexit campaigners have returned to the migrant issue, where they know they can tap into a bedrock of emotional, semi-patriotic feelings.

      Brexit or Fixit
    • Sign supporting a British exit from the EU
      Last update: 15:07 27.05.2016
      15:07 27.05.2016

      Brexit or Fixit: Is It Just About Personalities?

      As we come down to the final few weeks of the referendum campaign, it is becoming apparent that many people still do not understand the basic arguments for and against remaining in the EU, and may vote according to what their favourite personality says, rather than the issues.

      Brexit or Fixit
    • A man walking in the streets of London, UK.
      Last update: 17:05 20.05.2016
      17:05 20.05.2016

      How Will Brexit Affect Industry and Jobs?

      In this week’s edition of "Brexit or Fixit" we are joined by Dr Richard Wellings of the Institute of Economic Affairs and John Edwards of the Stronger In campaign.

    • Brexit
      Last update: 16:58 13.05.2016
      16:58 13.05.2016

      The Effect of Brexit on Education

      We hardly ever hear the arguments for and against leaving the EU from the point of view of the UK’s universities. What will happen to staff, students, and research budgets if EU money is reduced or cut out?

      Brexit or Fixit
    • Brexit
      Last update: 18:16 06.05.2016
      18:16 06.05.2016

      Brexit and the UK Economy

      Listen to Colin Fox, the national co-spokesperson for the SSP, and David Coburn, leader of Scottish UKIP, in a heated and diverse debate about the fate of the UK economy if the UK leaves the EU.

      Brexit or Fixit
    • Brexit
      Last update: 18:19 28.04.2016
      18:19 28.04.2016

      Geopolitical Implications of Brexit

      In this episode of Brexit or Fixit, George Galloway the British politician, writer and broadcaster, and John Wight, writer and commentator discuss the implications for Britain and its role in the world if it leaves the EU.

      Brexit or Fixit
    • Brexit
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      16:32 21.04.2016

      Brexit or Fixit: Are We Being Scaremongered About the Economy?

      The economy has become the Bremain camp’s main argument. UK citizens have been told that they will be much worse off if the UK leaves the EU. But is this really true?

      Brexit or Fixit
    • A member of public flies a giant Scottish Saltire flag outside the Houses of Parliament shortly before Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon posed with newly-elected Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs during a photocall in London on May 11, 2015
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      15:17 14.04.2016

      Brexit or Fixit: What Will Scotland Do?

      In this first edition of Brexit or Fixit we focus on Scotland and the potential consequences of a Brexit on Scotland and its place within the UK and EU.

      Brexit or Fixit