18:43 GMT05 August 2021
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    Half a century after the first man took on a journey to outer space, space exploration is back on the agenda – from popular movies to media broadcasts. Even if you are neither an astronomy buff nor a Star Wars fan, there are five new space discoveries that you should care about.

    Полировка главного зеркала Большого Телескопа Альт-Азимутального
    10:00 GMT 05 December 2014
    • Mars
      Last update: 10:00 GMT 04.12.2014
      10:00 GMT 04.12.2014

      Red Planet’s Mystery

      While NASA plans to return astronauts to the Moon by 2020 for extended missions in search of more water, scientists say it might be a good idea to drop by to Mars as well. In 2011, the first real proof was released that there is water on the Red planet.

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    • Ночные виды Красной Поляны
      Last update: 10:00 GMT 03.12.2014
      10:00 GMT 03.12.2014

      Giant Star Shocked Astronomers

      Modern space technologies are not only aimed at discovering new phenomena of our universe, but also at changing our views on things that we’ve known for centuries. One of the recent biggest sensations in the world of astronomy was a star with a tail.

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    • Dwarf planet
      Last update: 10:00 GMT 02.12.2014
      10:00 GMT 02.12.2014

      Eris Not Only Greek Goddess but Largest Dwarf Planet in Solar System

      Our universe is full of mysteries but there are a few things we know for certain. For instance, that the Earth orbits the Sun and not vice versa, or that there are eight planets in the solar system. If you still believe in the latter, you probably have not heard of Eris.

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    • Philae
      Last update: 10:00 GMT 01.12.2014
      10:00 GMT 01.12.2014

      Rosetta Mission – A Historical Mission

      The Rosetta mission has already been labelled “a spectacular success of space exploration” and “a Nobel prize winning achievement”. For the first time in history a spacecraft was landed on a comet.

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