• Multifunctional robotic Uranium-6 demining system
    Last update: 11:14 GMT 27.03.2015
    11:14 GMT 27.03.2015

    Russian Combat Robots to Be on Display at Army 2015 Forum

    Russian combat robots will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming international military-technical forum Army-2015.

    Army 2015 Defense Forum
  • Heads of states - CSTO members visit National Defense Management Center
    Last update: 18:11 GMT 07.01.2015
    18:11 GMT 07.01.2015

    Russia to Hold International Military Forum ARMY-2015 in June

    The Russian Defense Ministry will hold an international military-technical forum ARMY-2015 from June 16 to 19 in the Russian town of Kubinka in the Moscow Region.

    Army 2015 Defense Forum