• Geckos, Fruit Flies Land Safely in Russia After Space Flight

  • Russian Scientists Confirm Theory Supernova Stars Have Thermonuclear Origin

  • International Space Station
    13:51 28.08.2014

    Unique Database of Satellite Images of Russia Exceeds 3.5 Mln Items

  • Galileo Satellites Incident Likely Result of Software Errors

  • China Aims for the Moon, Plans to Bring Back Lunar Soil

  • NASA Pluto-Bound Spacecraft Encounters Last Major Traversing En Route to Final Destination

  • Russia Considers Meteor Impact Prevention Project

  • Scientists Say They Discovered Traces of One of Universe’s Oldest Stars

  • Six satellites from Europe's own global navigation satellite system Galileo are to be put into orbit in 2015
    18:19 23.08.2014

    Two Satellites Fail to Reach Intended Orbit

  • NASA Awaits Boeing's Completion of Soyuz Replacement

  • Roscosmos Intends to Spend About $298 Million on Removing Orbital Clutter

  • US to Stop Using Soyuz Spacecraft, Invest in Domestic Private Space Industry - Reports

  • Belka and Strelka
    19:24 20.08.2014Photo7

    Belka & Strelka: First Dogs to Make it to Orbit and Back

  • Belka and Strelka trained for spaceflight for almost a year
    17:21 19.08.2014

    Belka and Strelka, the Canine Cosmonauts

  • Russian Cosmonauts Conclude Science-Oriented Spacewalk One Hour Ahead of Schedule

  • International Space Station (ISS)
    21:09 18.08.2014

    Russian Cosmonauts Carry Out Science-Oriented Spacewalk Outside Space Station

    Russian Space Programs
  • Asteroid Defense - Casualty in Chilled US-Russia Relations - Expert

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