• LPR Head: Election to Remove Doubts Surrounding Legitimacy of Luhansk Authorities

    Situation in the South-East of Ukraine
  • Number of People Running from Conflicts in Syria, Iraq Grows: UNHCR

  • Australia's Resettlement Deal With Cambodia Fails to Protect Refugees: Human Rights Watch

  • Over 300,000 Ukrainians Seek Asylum in Russia: Federal Migration Service

  • С.Иванов провел встречу с журналистами
    10:09 24.09.2014

    Ukrainian Refugees Begin Leaving Russia for Home

    Situation in the South-East of Ukraine
  • Turkey Tightens Border Security Amid Massive Syrian Refugee Influx

  • Deputy Prime Minister: 45,000 Syrian Kurds Fleeing IS Cross Border Into Turkey

  • Japan to Provide $22.7 Mln of Humanitarian Aid to Iraqi, Syrian Refugees

  • Figures Show Three Times More People Displaced by Natural Disasters Than Conflict: Report

  • 57,000 Ukrainians Living in Russian Refugee Camps

    Refugees From Ukraine Seek Shelter in Russia
  • US Announces $500Mln Aid Package for Syrians Caught in Conflict

  • UN, US Promise Aid for Iraqi Refugees

  • Oxfam: Global Community Fails to Host Syrian Refugees, Provide Them With Aid

  • Somali Refugees in Kenya Face Abuse, Deportation: Rights Group

  • Israel Unlawfully Ejecting African refugees: Rights Group

  • Cosmetologist from Donetsk Becomes One of Grozny’s Most Popular Specialists

  • Russian PM Medvedev on EU Sanctions, Asian Partners and Power-Hungry Crimea

    Russia Responds to Western Sanctions
  • Medvedev: Russia’s Aid to Ukrainian Refugees Stands at Around $27 Million

  • Moscow Allocates About $2.7Mln for Ukrainian Refugees Sheltered in Russia

    Refugees From Ukraine Seek Shelter in Russia
  • Беженцы из Украины прибыли в Омск
    06:59 01.09.2014

    Moscow to Allocate About $15.5 Mln to Help Refugees from Ukraine - Reports