• Oscar Pistorius Case

  • Fußfesseln im Zeichenunterricht: Bilder aus Guantanamo
    10:59 03.10.2014

    US Federal Judge Rejects Government’s Plea to Make Guantanamo Force-Feeding Hearing Secret

  • Здание Парламента Австралии
    11:22 02.10.2014

    Journalists Could Face Up to 10 Years Behind Bars According to New Australian Law

  • Тюрьма в Гуантанамо
    22:36 30.09.2014

    Prison Bankers Thriving on High Fees to Families of Inmates: Study

  • Fußfesseln im Zeichenunterricht: Bilder aus Guantanamo
    14:48 30.09.2014

    Guantanamo Closure Delayed Due to Pentagon’s Slow Review Process

  • Iranian Man Calls On UK To Help Release His Sister Imprisoned For Watching Volleyball

  • Over 4,000 Inmates in UK Sexually Abused Annually: Study

  • ACLU logo
    15:18 12.09.2014

    ACLU Asks US Government to Open Records on Drugs Used in Executions

  • Человек за решеткой
    20:05 09.09.2014

    Norway Plans to Rent Space in Dutch Prisons

  • The interior of a communal cellblock at Camp VI, a prison used to house detainees at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay
    19:03 02.09.2014

    Guantanamo Far From Being Closed, Despite Obama’s Promise

  • Человек за решеткой
    10:44 29.08.2014

    US Lawyers Seek to Improve Prison Conditions for Russian Citizen Seleznev

  • Islamic State Militants Take US Humanitarian Aid Worker Hostage

  • Hague Treats War Criminals Better Than Guantanamo

  • US Government Accountability Office Says White House Prisoner Exchange Violates Law

  • Report Blames Bloomberg Administration for Resurgence of Violence in NYC Jail

  • Mass Prison Break in Haiti: 329 Prisoners Escape, Including Notorious Kidnapper

  • A prisoner looks out the window
    16:05 11.08.2014

    Over 1,300 Executed in US Since Repeal of Death Penalty Ban

  • The Kiev government views the ceasefire only as a chance to prepare for the resumption of military action against independence supports and prepares to violate it, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic said Thursday.
    12:12 11.08.2014

    Over 100 Inmates Escape High-Security Prison After Shelling in East Ukraine

  • A prisoner looks out the window
    11:32 08.08.2014

    Costly Hepatitis C Cure Forces US Prisons to Decide Between Inmates’ Health, Money Saving

  • It Cost $200 Mln to Convict Three Khmer Rouge Leaders