• Военнослужащие бригады морской пехоты Тихоокеанского флота
    14:33 14.09.2014

    Russia’s Pacific Fleet Begins Spot Checks Over Seas of Japan and Okhotsk

  • Troops in Russia's Eastern Military District have been moved to the highest state of combat readiness as surprise drills began in the region, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.
    09:59 12.09.2014

    Eastern Military District Moves to Highest State of Combat Readiness as Drills Begin

  • NATO Military Drills in Ukraine Put Ukrainian Reconciliation Under Threat: Moscow

  • A soldier with a man-portable air-defense system during military exercises.
    17:40 10.09.2014

    CIS to Hold Next Large Counter-Terrorism Drills in Russia

  • NATO May Hold Drills, Set Up Military Training Centre In Georgia – Rasmussen

  • Norway Sends Tanks to Latvian-Russian Border - Reports

  • Russia, India to Continue Joint Air Force Drills in November - Moscow

  • A soldier with a man-portable air-defense system during military exercises.
    18:24 25.08.2014

    Russian Western Military District Troops Learning to Destroy Enemy Drones

  • SCO’s Five-Army Peace Mission Drills Kick Off in China

  • Air defense units in Russia’s Far East Repel Simulated Drone Attack

  • Military exercise involving S-300 surface-to-air missile systems
    11:26 20.08.2014

    Russian Aerospace Defense Forces to Launch 20 Missiles During Exercise

  • North Korea Fires 3 Short-Range Rockets Into Sea of Japan – Agency

  • Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan to Conduct Joint Counter-Terrorism Drills

  • Japan Protests Russia’s Drills on Disputed Territory

  • US to Boost Troops, Warplane Presence in Australia

  • Nearly 900 Russian Servicemen to Participate in Military Drills in China

  • Russia to Conduct Military Drills on Conflict of Two Imaginary Nations

  • US Accused of Reconnaissance in Chinese Waters, Airspace

  • Snap Drills Reveal Russian Military Training Improvement – Putin

  • Putin Orders Troops Back to Base After Military Drills