• Shell Corporation Accused of Unlawful Drilling in New Zealand

  • Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak
    17:40 22.10.2014

    Russia, Slovakia to Sign Oil Deal in November: Russian Energy Ministry

  • Stockholm Court Accepts Kiev's Lawsuit on Interim Gas Decision: Prime Minister

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Russia to Replace Sanctioned Hydrocarbon Technologies by 2020: Energy Minister

  • Prodan: Kiev Insists on Signing Legally Binding Document on Winter Gas Deliveries

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Russia Expects EU to Help Kiev Prepay Winter Gas Deliveries: Energy Minister Novak

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Novak: Gas Volumes Required by Ukraine, Sources of Financing Remain Unclear

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Naftogaz Says Ready to Pay Off $3.1 Bln of Gas Debt to Russia in Two Tranches

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Oettinger: European Company May Buy Russian Gas to Further Re-Sell It to Ukraine

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Oettinger: Russia to Supply 4 Bln Cubic Meters of Gas to Ukraine on Prepayment Conditions

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
    17:39 21.10.2014

    Putin, Poroshenko Discuss Gas in Phone Conversation: Kremlin

  • No Grounds to Assume Russia Would Stop Gas Supplies to Europe: Envoy

  • Russian, EU Energy Chiefs Meet Before Trilateral Gas Talks on Ukraine

  • Russian Energy Minister Expects Three-Way Gas Meeting to Produce Written Agreement

  • Russia's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on Sakhalin
    22:37 20.10.2014

    EU Foreign Affairs Council Calls for Ukraine, Russia to Urgently Sign Gas Agreement

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Pipeline
    22:22 20.10.2014

    Russia’s Gazprom Completes 80% of Plan to Fill European Gas Storage Facilities

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Kiev, EU Agree That Tuesday Talks Must Produce Interim Agreement: Naftogaz

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Lavrov: Russia’s Gazprom Ready for Flexible Terms for Gas Deliveries to Ukraine

  • Kiev Has $3.1 Billion to Pay Off Russian Gas Debt: Ukrainian Prime Minister

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict
  • Ukraine Saves $500 Million on Reverse Gas Flow From Europe: Ukrainian Prime Minister

    Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict