• Assad Says 'West Is More Confident in Al-Qaida than Me'

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  • 39 Dead In Kenya Mall Attack; Hostages Still Held

  • Глава международного комитета Госдумы РФ Алексей Пушков
    19:59 18.09.2013

    Russian Lawmaker Slams US for ‘Silence’ Over Killing of Syrian Kurds

  • 10% of Syrian Rebels Linked to Al-Qaida – Study

  • The Russian “reset” policy slipped away into history after US President Barack Obama began his second term, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Monday.
    00:06 13.09.2013

    Russia Fumes Over Its Dismissed Additions to UN's Al-Qaida List

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    Boston Marathon Explosions
  • For Boston Suspects, Was Chechnya’s Violent Past a Motive?

    Boston Marathon Explosions
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