• Kerry: Syrian Groups Still Weighing Negotiations

  • US Set to Bring Syrian Opposition to Geneva Conference – Lavrov

  • US President Barack Obama
    07:27 29.08.2013

    Obama Says Has 'Not Made a Decision' on Syria

  • Germany Urges Action If Syria ‘Poison Gas Attack’ Proved

  • UK to Raise Syria Chemical Weapons Claim at UN

  • Navalny Verdict Dominates Russian News, Social Networks

    Anti-Kremlin Leader Navalny Faces Criminal Charges
  • Ecuador’s Top Diplomat Says Britain Must Let Assange Go

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange case
  • EU Lifts Arms Embargo on Syrian Opposition

  • UK Coroner Rules to Keep Crucial Litvinenko Evidence Secret

  • Moscow Claims Neutrality in Syria Conflict

  • Ex-FSB Officer Shuns Litvinenko Inquest

  • Italy, Britain Confirm Deaths of Hostages in Nigeria

  • Putin Hails Chavez as ‘Strong’ Leader