• Russian Navy to Deploy Conventional Deterrence Force

    Russian Navy modernization
  • Russian Navy Unveils New Class of Submarines

    Russian Navy modernization
  • Малый ракетный корабль (МРК) нового поколения Град Свияжск
    23:21 26.02.2014

    3 Missile Corvettes to Join Russian Navy by 2016

  • The Sankt Peterburg
    04:18 21.02.2014

    Russian Sub to Feature Advanced Quiet Propulsion by 2016

  • Russia to Strengthen Mediterranean Force With ‘Stealth’ Subs

  • Launch of a Bulava SLBM
    17:48 20.11.2013

    Russian Defense Ministry Blames Makers for Failed Missile Launch

  • Russian Navy Demands Ready-to-Assemble Warships

    Russian Navy modernization
  • Launch of a Bulava SLBM
    18:36 13.11.2013

    No Submarine-Launched Bulava Missile Tests Seen Until 2014

  • Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier
    23:33 20.09.2013

    Russian Aircraft Carrier to Take Part in Barents Sea Drills

  • Russian Navy Sending 3 More Ships to Mediterranean – Admiral

  • Kiev Confirms Russia to Stop Using Carrier-Based Pilot Training Site

  • Over 80 Russian Warships on Sea Duty Across World – Commander

  • Russian Coast Guard to Get New Missile Systems, Aircraft by 2020

  • Russian Med Fleet Redeployment ‘Not Linked’ to Syria – Navy

  • India, China Interested in Ukraine’s Carrier Pilot Training Site - Minister

  • Admiral Panteleyev destroyer
    12:14 28.07.2013

    Russia's Mediterranean Fleet Foreign Policy Tool – Ex-Navy Chief

  • Russia Has No Plans to Use Nitka Pilot Training Site in 2013

  • Admiral Panteleyev destroyer
    14:12 13.05.2013

    Russian Pacific Fleet Warships to Enter Mediterranean

  • Russia Delays Opening Carrier Pilot Training Site

  • Russia’s Mediterranean Task Force to Include Nuclear Subs – Navy Chief