• The Yevgeny Kocheshkov small landing hovercraft during a rehearsal of a Navy Day Parade in the Marine Canal of Baltiysk.
    17:11 02.06.2016

    Russian Defense Ministry to Decide on Zubr, Murena Hovercraft Order by 2017

  • The Arktika ice-breaker seen in the Baltiysky Zavod shipyard, St.Petersburg.
    12:05 31.05.2016

    Russia's New 'Arktika' Nuclear Icebreaker to Be Floated Out Within 3 Weeks

  • Scale models of the United Shipbuilding Corporation vessels
    19:55 08.01.2016

    Russia, Indonesia Discuss Joint Shipyard Project - Russian Trade Minister

  • Kara-Winter 2015 Arctic expedition
    16:03 04.09.2015

    China Interested in Russian Icebreaker Technology

  • Multi-purpose Su-30CM fighter jet in the assembly shop at the Irkutsk aviation plant
    16:36 28.07.2015

    Top 100 Ranking: Russia's Defense Industry Hits New High Amid Sanctions

  • Reconnaissance ship Yuri Ivanov
    13:50 21.07.2015

    Russian Intel-Gathering Ship to Keep an Eye on US Missile Shield

  • Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and German MTU engine manufacturer discussed the situation with diesel engines which Russia has paid forб but has never received after the introduction of the EU sanctions against Moscow, the head of the USC said Monday
    07:43 07.07.2015

    Russian USC, German MTU Discuss Engines Russia Paid for but Never Received

  • Tank Maker's Boss to Head Russia’s Shipbuilding Corp

  • Russian Navy Chief Attends Mistral Lay-Down Ceremony in France

    Russia's Purchase of French Mistral-Class Warship