• A new propaganda campaign by Ukrainian information warriors features a series of posters attempting to compare the heroism of Ukrainian veterans of the Great Patriotic with today's military operation in eastern Ukraine.
    21:02 07.05.2015

    Ukrainian Propaganda Equates Heroes of WWII With Army Fighting in Donbass

  • On January 1 Russian LifeNews TV channel reported that two of its journalists have been attacked while covering the nationalists torchlight march in Kiev.
    21:56 06.05.2015

    Origins of Hate: Pre-Maidan Textbook Teaches Youth to Hate 'Subhumans'

  • Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN-UPA) march during the Heroes Festival in Lviv.
    15:25 01.05.2015

    Streamlining History: Ukrainian Memorial Project Presents USSR-Free Version of WWII

  • Members of the right wing ultra nationalist Right Sector group
    19:31 30.04.2015

    Back to Red and Black: Ukraine's Controversial New Colors for Victory Day

  • Heroes Day celebrated in Lviv
    10:20 23.04.2015

    Poland Backs Away From Dialogue After Ukraine Glorifies Nazi Collaborators

  • Scene of the murder of journalist Oles Buzina in Kiev, April 16. Buzina was shot dead near the entrance to his house.
    13:30 21.04.2015

    Ukrainian Chief Investigator Tells 'Ukrainophobes' to 'Shut Their Mouths'

  • With their faces covered and carrying burning torches, Ukrainian nationalists attempt to march to Kiev's Independence Square to honor the so called Heavenly Hundred
    18:28 19.04.2015

    Polish General Refuses to Back Ukraine Due to Glorification of Nationalism

  • Supporters of the Right Sector radical movement
    08:54 19.04.2015

    Canadian Instructors May End Up Training Neo-Nazis in Ukraine – Media

  • Flowers and candles laid at the Ukraine Embassy in Moscow in memory of journalist Oles Buzina killed in Kiev
    12:52 18.04.2015

    Drunk With Permissiveness: Nazis Execute Journalist Buzina, Promise New Bloodshed

    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine?
  • Scene of the murder of journalist Oles Buzina in Kiev
    04:00 18.04.2015

    Murdered Ukrainian Journalist, Ex-MP Were in ‘Enemies of State’ Database

  • About a hundred people gathered in central Kiev on Tuesday, among them Ukrainian veterans of the Soviet Army, to protest the Ukrainian parliament's decision to recognize the wartime Nazi collaborationist Ukrainian Insurgent Army as freedom fighters, and to defend a local war monument, LifeNews has reported.
    17:45 14.04.2015

    WW2 Vets in Kiev Demand Repeal of Law Calling Fascists Freedom Fighters

  • Representatives of Poland's Democratic Left Alliance consider the Ukrainian Rada's recognition of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as fighters for independence a slap in the face to the people of Poland and to its president, Polish Press Agency reports.
    12:59 13.04.2015

    Glorification of Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators is a Slap in Poland's Face

  • Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) during Heroes Day celebrations in Lviv.
    19:10 11.04.2015

    'Political Terror': Greek Communists Slam Kiev for Glorifying Nazi Gangs

    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine?
  • Maidan Square in Kiev
    11:43 10.04.2015

    Kiev Becomes First European Capital to Openly Glorify Criminal Ideology - Polish Analyst

  • Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN-UPA) at the monument to Stepan Bandera during the Heroes Festival in Lviv.
    15:48 09.04.2015

    Sweeping Dark Past Under Legal Rug: Ukraine Recognizes Ultranationalists as Freedom Fighters

  • Officers of Ukraine’s special unit Security Service
    12:19 02.04.2015

    SBU Head Wants to Model Security Service on WW2-Era Ukrainian Nationalists

  • The addition includes the Right Sector movement, the Ukrainian National Assembly — Ukrainian People's Self-Defense party, the radical 'Bratstvo' organization, as well as the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the Stepan Bandera All-Ukrainian Organization 'Tryzub'
    22:51 23.01.2015

    Russia Blacklists 5 Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist Organizations Following Supreme Court Ruling

  • Lavrov: Kiev Authorities Connive Neo-Nazi Movements in Ukraine

  • Man Who Egged Polish President Faces 3 Years for Hooliganism