• Opening of International Media Centre in Ufa
    16:49 08.07.2015

    BRICS Summit Marks Transformation of Old World Order Into New Reality

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
  • Journalists at the International Media Centre, which opened to cover the SCO and BRICS summits in Ufa.
    15:07 08.07.2015

    BRICS Business Council Boosts Cooperation Among Members - Chinese Delegate

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
  • BRICS and SCO International Media Centre
    14:11 08.07.2015

    Success of BRICS Bank May Inspire Creation of SCO Bank

  • Meeting of BRICS Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors with NDB Board of Governors
    12:46 08.07.2015

    Russia's Finance Minister Appointed BRICS Bank Supervisor

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
  • Photo of BRICS countries' leaders
    01:24 08.07.2015

    BRICS Ministers Discuss First-Ever Cooperation Strategy Ahead of Ufa Summit

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
  • BRICS summit
    16:49 06.07.2015

    Talks Over Other Countries Membership in BRICS Bank Premature: Putin's Aide

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
  • India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures as he gives a speech in front of students at the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo
    12:53 06.07.2015

    Indian PM Modi to Visit SCO Summit in Russia as Part of Six-Nation Tour

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
    00:01 06.07.2015

    BRICS Business Council Meeting to Kick Off Monday in Moscow

    2015 BRICS, SCO Summits in Russia's Ufa
  • A boy sits on a swing near a building, which was damaged during fighting between Kiev and Donbass forces, as an armoured personnel carrier (APC) of the Ukrainian armed forces is seen nearby in Avdeyevka near Donetsk. June 7, 2015.
    10:47 29.06.2015

    Ukraine Crisis Open Topic at BRICS Summit in Ufa – Brazilian Ambassador

    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine?
  • Photo of BRICS countries' leaders
    15:36 05.06.2015

    Leaders From BRICS, SCO, Eurasian Economic Union to Meet in Ufa July 9

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with attendees at SCO Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs Meeting
    18:35 04.06.2015

    SCO May Become G7 Main Competitor - Iran Deputy Foreign Minister

  • Russia Expects Iran President to Attend SCO Summit in Ufa

  • BRICS summit
    13:21 26.05.2015

    Russia to Insist on World Bank, IMF Reforms During BRICS Summit

  • Russia's Bashkortostan to Hospitalize All Travelers From Ebola-Hit Countries

  • State to sell Aeroflot stake in 3-5 years
    13:17 05.08.2014

    Aeroflot Shares Fall 6% on Possible Limits for Foreign Airlines Flying Over Russia

  • Cat Saves Russian Man From Burning House

  • Russian Champion Wrestler Investigated Over Deadly Bar Brawl

  • Russian Man Took Out Loan to Pay Wife's Killer – Prosecutors

  • Putin Makes Local Governors Responsible for Ethnic Relations

  • Ancient Treasures Found at Russian Nomad's Burial Site – Historian