• US Marines are picked up by a helicopter after conducting a cordon and knock in al-Qaim, near the Syria border, western Iraq (File)
    20:30 27.04.2016

    No Boots on the Ground? US Sending Extra Soldiers to Train Kurdish Forces in Syria

  • Canadian-born accused terrorist Omar Khadr doodling as his lead defense counsel, Navy Lieutenant Commander William Kuebler, addresses the judge
    03:27 23.04.2016

    Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr was 15 Years Old When he Arrived at Gitmo

  • US soldier in Iraq
    00:50 11.04.2016

    Battling Daesh: US Aims to Increase Fivefold Number of Troops in Syria

  • US Black hawk helicopters
    18:18 26.01.2016

    To 'Degrade and Destroy': Hidden Flaws in Pentagon's Syria Strategy

  • Two US military Black Hawk helicopters take off from its compound in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul (file photo)
    18:03 23.01.2016

    Rmeilan Airfield: Is Pentagon Preparing for All-Out Offensive in Syria?

  • US troops board a helicopter in Afghanistan
    02:09 08.01.2016

    Just Don't Call it Combat: Pentagon Avoids 'C-Word' When Discussing Afghanistan

  • A picture taken through a machine gun sight on August 17, 2015 shows buildings that were damaged during fighting between Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and the Islamic State (IS) group's militants in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, west of the city of Mosul.
    01:30 27.12.2015

    Kurdish, US Commandos Raid Daesh Base Behind Enemy Lines in Iraq – Media

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises
  • Transit center of U.S. Air Force at Manas base
    15:26 18.12.2015

    Secret US Commandos Forced to Leave Libya After Facebook Post

  • File Photo: Following indications from US Defense Secretary Ash Carter earlier this week, President Barack Obama confirmed on Friday that the Pentagon would deploy between 20 and 50 “advisers” to combat the self-proclaimed Islamic State terror group in Syria.
    21:08 14.12.2015

    US Special Forces in Syria Began Supporting Local Groups Against Daesh

  • US soldiers prepare to participate in a training mission with Iraqi Army soldier, right, outside Baghdad, Iraq. (File)
    15:27 04.12.2015

    'Nobody Wants to See Tens of Thousands of US Troops' on Iraqi Soil

  • US President Barack Obama speaks during a surprise visit with US troops at Bagram Air Field, north of Kabul, in Afghanistan, May 25, 2014, prior to the Memorial Day holiday
    00:48 06.11.2015

    Obama Ally: US in Syria Sets 'Horrible Precedent' for 'Undeclared Executive War'

  • The Pentagon has published its massive book of rules for war, and one of them is that some journalists may be considered unprivileged belligerents, essentially a new euphemism for someone whose rights need not be respected.
    07:40 03.11.2015

    Syrian Ground Campaign: Pentagon Pushing Americans Toward Another Vietnam

  • US Soldier Killed in Kurd Hostage Rescue Mission in Iraq

  • US Air Force, an MQ-9 Reaper
    02:40 17.10.2015

    #DronePapers: Operation Haymaker in Afghanistan Killed 100s of Unintended Targets

  • Smoke rises from the Syrian city of Kobani, following an airstrike by the US led coalition, seen from a hilltop outside Suruc, on the Turkey-Syria border Monday, Nov. 17, 2014.
    01:38 01.10.2015

    'Out of Control Empire': Why Do US Bombs Keep Falling in Places Where Obama 'Ended Two Wars?'

  • U.S. Navy Seals
    00:22 26.09.2015

    Military Might: US Special Ops Deployed in Nearly 70% of the World's Nations This Year

  • US Special Forces Would Benefit From Recruiting More Arab Americans

  • In this Thursday, April 12, 2012 file photo, Afghan special forces demonstrate a raid for rescuing a hostage during a showing at the commando training center in Kabul, Afghanistan.
    23:31 29.06.2015

    Angry Afghans Rally in Protest Against Continuing US Military Raids

  • US evacuates troops from South Yemen base
    20:18 21.03.2015

    US Evacuates Last Personnel From Southern Yemen Base Amid Security Concerns

  • Luke Somers
    21:58 07.12.2014

    Up to 13 Dead in US Special Forces Hostage Rescue Blunder in Yemen