• An artist's concept of DARPA's gremlin drones.
    19:14 30.05.2019

    Beluga WHAT? 5 DARPA Biomimicry Projects You May Not Have Heard Of

  • Satellite
    23:22 23.04.2019

    R2-D2 to the Rescue! Pentagon Wants Robots to Inspect, Repair Spacecraft

  • A Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket launches from pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Monday, Aug. 14, 2017.
    20:44 15.03.2018

    Space Carsharing: SpaceX Launches Secret US Military Payload With Com Satellite

  • Northrop Grumman Corporation with Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic's preliminary design for DARPA's Experimental Spaceplane XS-1, shown here in an artist's concept. DARPA ended up going with a Boeing design instead.
    06:47 11.01.2018

    Pentagon Seeking New Technologies in Preparation for Space Wars

  • DNA
    04:35 11.12.2017

    DARPA Genetic Extinction Research a Mistake - Human Rights Watchdog

  • Malaria
    17:50 04.12.2017

    US Military Investing $100Mln in Genetic Extinction Technologies - Reports

  • Plant samples at the laboratory
    18:37 24.11.2017

    US Plans to Develop Genetically Engineered 'Spy Plants' - Pentagon Research Agency

  • Robot Manners Cartoon
    22:00 22.06.2017

    Robot Butlers, Here We Come!

  • Cockpit
    03:09 12.11.2016

    Flying Robots? DARPA Tests Robot Pilot Systems

  • Digital soldier
    23:05 28.09.2016

    DARPA Ramps Up Defenses Against Russia’s Electro-Attacks on the Battlefield

  • Smartphone
    01:25 09.06.2016

    Spy Agencies May Soon Use Your Phone’s Vibration Motor As a Microphone

  • Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two
    01:06 28.05.2016

    DARPA Sets Sights on Robotic Space Plane for Next Generation Warfare

  • A man types on a computer keyboard
    03:24 06.05.2016

    Cyberwarfare: DARPA Seeks to Develop Engine Capable of Identifying Hackers

  • DIY Gone Wrong
    02:54 18.03.2016

    DIY Gone Wrong

  • Lockheed Martin
    22:51 08.03.2016

    DARPA, Lockheed Martin to Boost Microchip Performance

  • Photo illustration of an AC-130 gunship firing a laser weapon
    01:55 02.03.2016

    ‘Very Close’: Pentagon’s Death Laser Right Around the Corner

  • Fully Loaded Quadcopter Achieves 20 m/s Flight
    08:20 15.02.2016

    Quadrocopter Autonomously Whizzes at 20 m/s With Full Load

  • ACTUV Concept Video
    04:13 15.02.2016

    US Tests Unmanned Ghost Ship to Track Spying Submarines

  • Scenes from the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Universal Soldier may become reality, as the US military is working on the development of an implantable chip which could turn soldiers into real-life cyborgs by attaching their brains to computers, Tech Times reported.
    19:15 24.01.2016

    Real-Life ‘Universal Soldiers’: US Military to Create Implantable Chip to Turn Soldiers Into Cyborgs

  • A screen of the system for unmanned drones.
    03:09 06.01.2016

    US Awards Defense Company Contract to Demonstrate Unmanned System for Maritime ISR Strike