• Donetsk Region update
    19:16 16.12.2014

    Russia to Continue Help Fighting Hunger Despite Economic Downturn: UN World Food Agency

  •  Zoriah
    13:11 15.12.2014

    Russia to Donate 130 Trucks to UN World Food Program: Emergencies Ministry

  • Conference on Syria to be held in beginning of June – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
    20:02 10.12.2014

    UN Secretary-General Thanks Saudi Arabia for $104Mln World Food Program Donation

  • Syrian refugee woman washes the dishes in front of her house in Ankara
    20:21 03.12.2014

    WFP Calls for Joining Syrian Refugee Food Aid Campaign

  • Сирийские беженцы в долине Бекаа в Ливане
    18:21 02.12.2014

    US, UK Must Fix Syrian Refugee Crisis as WFP Suspends Food Aid: Journalist

  • Refugees flee Libya through Benghazi port
    19:00 01.12.2014

    Suspension of UN Food Aid for Syrian Refugees May Escalate Tensions: WFP

  • Белый Дом
    17:17 21.11.2014

    US Pledges Additional $23Mln in Aid to Ukraine: White House

  • U.N. political chief B. Lynn Pascoe tours a food processing factory called The Pyongyang Children Foodstuff Factory where the World Food Program produces flour in Pyongyang
    19:34 19.11.2014

    World Food Program Lauds Seoul’s $7Mln Pledge for N Korea Nutrition Needs

  • UN Says Gaza Violence Halting Food Production

  • Russia Gives N. Korea Grain Supplies, Expects No Nuclear Test