• US soldiers train in Estonia
    15:29 05.04.2016

    Central and Eastern European Defense Spending Surges Amid Russia Tensions

  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
    11:22 05.04.2016

    Global Military Spending Grows by 1% in 2015, Totaling Nearly $1.7 Trillion

  • Indian Navy's warship Rajput fires rockets during a special drill in the Bay of Bengal near Paradeep, India.
    23:50 23.02.2016

    Saudis Want to Buy Five Corvettes in Never-Ending Middle East Arms Race

  • Peaceful Mission 2009 military exercise final rehearsal in China
    00:57 23.02.2016

    China Shock: Beijing Almost Doubles Arms Sales Around the World

  • The 10th Russia Arms Expo international exhibition's opening
    09:26 14.12.2015

    Best Sellers: Russian-Made Weapons Hit Record 50% Sales Growth

  • Russia's new T-14 Armata tank
    15:02 30.06.2015

    Back on the Scene: Russia Brings Tanks Back in Fashion

  • Concerns that a cyberattack could start a nuclear war could be addressed by taking nuclear weapons off of high alert, says a top US military commander, but neither the US nor Russia wants to make that move.
    02:35 15.06.2015

    Overall Number of Nuclear Weapons Lower in 2015 – Peace Research Institute

  • A US Army's Patriot Surface-to Air missile system
    19:20 13.04.2015

    US Military Expenditures Seven Times Higher Than Russia's in 2014

  • Military vehicles make their way down a road during a military parade marking Armed Forces Day in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2011.
    02:38 19.03.2015

    Azerbaijan Becomes Europe’s No. 2 Arms Importer, Gets Most From Russia

  • Chinese soldiers pose in tanks during a training session at the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) in Beijing, China, 22 July 2014
    23:39 16.03.2015

    Too Early to Place China Among World’s Leading Arms Exporters - Experts

  • Washington and NATO are not seeking confrontation with Russia, but will not compromise on international principles vital for European and US security, Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Vanessa Hillman said
    08:39 04.02.2015

    Analysts Say Scale of US Defense Budget Proposal 'Beyond All Reason'

  • US and Russia Top World Arms Exporters List

  • Global Military Spending Falls Amid Economic Crisis – Report

  • China Replaces UK as Fifth Global Arms Exporter - SIPRI