• Canada to Prolong Anti-IS Air Strikes in Syria

  • Canada prepares to spend billions on new military equipment to support operations in the country’s inhospitable Arctic regions.
    22:59 13.03.2015

    Freezing Cold War: Canada to Spend Billions on Arctic Military Gear

  • There is growing concern among Canadian public officials about a recently proposed anti-terrorism law that they fear could come at the expense of Canadians' personal liberties.
    00:11 10.03.2015

    Canadian Patriot Act? Officials Warn Against US-like Anti-Terror Law

  • Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    04:01 18.02.2015

    Canada’s Prime Minister Announces New Anti-Russia Sanctions

    Western Sanctions Against Russia
  • Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa December 9, 2014.
    00:53 20.12.2014

    Canada Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia: Prime Minister

    Western Sanctions Against Russia
  • Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    14:39 18.12.2014

    Canada Hosted US-Cuba Secret Talks for Two Years

  • Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    08:48 30.10.2014

    Increased Surveillance Not Effective in Preventing Homegrown Attacks

  • Canada Uses Attack to Justify Anti-Terror Repression: Political Analyst

  • Canada to Strengthen Police Surveillance After Shooting: Prime Minister

  • Is Canada Facing Step-Up in Security and Rising Islamophobia?

  • Ottawa Attack Sparks Soul-Searching, Debate On Safety, Gun Control in Canada: Journalist

  • Canadian Prime Minister Says Soldier’s Killer Was Terrorist

  • Canada Lacks Immunity From Terror Attacks: Prime Minister

  • US Expresses Solidarity With Canada Over Recent Quebec, Ottawa Attacks

  • US Offers Assistance to Canada in Wake of Shooting in Ottawa

  • Ottawa City Center
    11:49 18.09.2014

    Political Analyst: Canada Pantomimes US Policy on Ukraine

  • Poroshenko To Meet With Obama in Washington

  • American dollar
    01:40 18.09.2014

    Canada to Allocate $200 Million Loan for Ukraine

  • Canada Starts Supplies of Non-Lethal Military Equipment to Ukraine

  • Флаг Канады на фоне Ванкувера
    19:29 06.08.2014

    Canada Expands Russia ‘Black List’ Over Ukraine Crisis