• Closing of International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017
    13:01 18.07.2019

    Russia Ready to Discuss Delivery of Su-35 Fighter Jets to Turkey - Rostec

  • Transporters-launchers for S-400 Triumf missile systems at the final rehearsal of the military parade to mark the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War
    16:56 30.06.2019

    Russia Starts Producing S-500 Missile System - Developer

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia June 7, 2019
    07:06 08.06.2019

    Agreements, Statements: Highlights of Second Day of 2019 SPIEF

  • MC-21
    18:12 18.02.2019

    Russia Switching to Domestic Composites for MC-21 Airliner Thanks to US Sanctions

  • Motorcycle of the Kortezh (Cortege) project
    10:54 26.05.2018

    Russia Could Start Producing Kortezh Project Motorcycles in 2019 - Rostec

    St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018
  • S-400 regiment enters on duty in Crimea
    06:20 13.03.2018

    Russia Agrees to Speed Air Defense System Delivery to Turkey

  • Frants Klintsevich
    20:15 30.01.2018

    'Hostile Provocation': Senior Russian Lawmaker Blasts Kremlin Report

    New US Sanctions Law Against Russia, Iran, N Korea Signed: Consequences
  • An Indian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30
    09:00 02.08.2017

    US, Israel Can’t Match Russia When It Comes to India Ties - Rostec CEO

  • S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft weapon systems during combat duty drills of the surface to air-misile regiment in the Moscow Region.
    17:47 18.07.2017

    Russian S-400 Missile Systems' Delivery Contract With Turkey Ready, Loan Being Discussed

  • July 10, 2017. Russian President Vladimir Putin looks at Rostec Corporation's display during the 8th Innoprom International Industrial Trade Fair at the Yekaterinburg Expo International Exhibition Center. From left: Rostec Director for Special Commissions Vasily Brovko with Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.
    16:26 10.07.2017

    Vnesheconombank, Rostec Announce Launch of 'Conversion' NPO's Project at INNOPROM-2017

  • 2017 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Day One
    14:07 03.06.2017

    The Climate of St. Petersburg Economic Forum: Cold Weather, Warm Welcomes

    St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017
  • Sections of gas pipes are seen at the start of construction on a pipeline to transfer natural gas to Pakistan.
    10:36 03.06.2017

    Russia's Construction of Pakistan Gas Pipeline Shifted for 1 Year Over Tariff Disagreement

    St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017
  • A woman walks near Russia's air defence system S-400 Triumf launch vehicles at the military exhibition
    10:25 03.06.2017

    Russia Considers Loan to Turkey for S-400 Missile System Purchase

    St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017
  • The Russian Rostec stand
    12:44 02.06.2017

    Rostec, Russian Export Center to Implement State Policy in High-Tech Products' Export

  • Russian soldiers watch a transporter-loader place an Iskander-M shorter-range missile onto a launcher during an exercise
    12:48 16.04.2017

    Why Russia's Iskander Missiles Are 'Guarantors of Power Balance in Europe'

  • A Russian soldier watches a transporter-loader place an Iskander-M shorter-range missile onto a self-propelled launcher during an exercise involving missile and artillery units of the Eastern Military District's Fifth Russian Army in the Primorye Territory
    13:56 11.04.2017

    Russia to Unveil Improved Iskander-M Missile System After 2020

  • Some AK-47 Kalachnikov assault rifles are stored among some 8,000 weapons at the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN), on May 19, 2015 in Pontoise, outside Paris
    19:57 14.03.2017

    Sanctions? The US Military’s Insatiable Hunger for Russian AK-47s

  • The Russian Rostec stand
    14:12 14.03.2017

    Russia Continues to Buy Ukrainian Helicopter Engines – Rostec CEO

  • Ka-52
    10:33 14.03.2017

    Russian Arms Exports to Exceed $13 Bln in 2017 - Rostec

  • Rostec state corporation
    21:26 26.02.2017

    'Business First': Russia-US Ties May Improve, Including in Defense Area, Rostec CEO Believes