• A major recruiter for the Islamic State has turned out to be a mid-20s journalism student in Seattle who liked football, cheeseburgers, and convincing women in Syria and the EU to fight for Islamist extremism.
    02:52 01.05.2015

    Unmasked: One of ISIL's Most Devoted Recruiters is Seattle Journalism Student

  • Wild bees, Apidae, Brazil, Pantanal
    18:01 18.04.2015

    Millions Of Bees Swarm I-5 After Semi Rolls Over

  • Seattle Police officer
    00:06 17.04.2015

    Seattle Police to Train Avoiding Excessive Use of Force

  • This drone has an advanced electronically scanning radar on board, equipment usually much too bulky and expensive for such small craft.
    01:13 07.04.2015

    Military Radar Technology: Coming Soon to Cars, Consumer Drones?

  • Two Airplanes Struck By Lightning Over Sea-Tac Airport
    18:02 03.04.2015

    Double Trouble: Two Airplanes Struck By Lightning Over Sea-Tac Airport

  • 20 miles from downtown Seattle, on the northwest coast of the US, the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons is kept at Naval Base Kitsap, and one of the main safeguards for that stockpile is a fleet of US Navy-trained dolphins.
    01:57 14.03.2015

    World’s Largest Stockpile of Nuclear Weapons Guarded by Flipper

  • Testing
    17:18 11.03.2015

    Blinding Cases of Syphilis Hit US West Coast

  • Dustin Theoharis had over twelve reconstructive surgeries after two officers shot him sixteen times over a mistaken identity
    04:04 20.02.2015

    Prosecutor: No Grounds for Charges Against Cops Who Shot Innocent Man 16 Times

  • Police shooting
    14:20 19.02.2015

    Protests Over US Pasco Police Shooting of Immigrant Spill to Seattle

  • Dockworkers on Strike in California
    17:52 06.02.2015

    West Coast Port Strike Threatens US With Multibillion Lockout

  • American Green has introduced a vending machine that dispenses pot rose buds to medical marijuana customers in Seattle.
    17:50 04.02.2015

    Pot Vending Machine Now Open for Business in Seattle

  • Night Seattle
    21:23 25.11.2014

    Oil Transportation Through Century-Old Tunnels Poses Threat to Seattle

  • A makeshift memorial outside Marysville-Pilchuck High School
    11:26 08.11.2014

    Fourth Victim of Marysville High School Shooter Dies: Reports

  • Marysville High School Shooter’s Name Revealed: Reports

  • Four in Critical Condition After Marysville High School Shooting: Hospital’s Spokesperson

  • Two Deceased Confirmed at Marysville High School Shooting: Police Department

  • Gunman Dead in Seattle School Shooting in Washington State: Reports

  • Two More US Cities Turn Columbus Day Into Indigenous People’s Holiday

  • Наручники на клавиатуре
    05:10 09.08.2014

    Next Seleznev Hearing Scheduled for August 15 in Seattle, Washington - District Attorney

  • Наручники на флаге США
    03:20 09.08.2014

    Russian Diplomats Not Informed by US Authorities About Seleznev’s Relocation to Seattle