• Security guard harasses woman in shopping mall in San Diego
    03:55 14.11.2017

    ‘You're Probably on Welfare': San Diego Mall Cop Caught Harassing Hispanic Woman (VIDEO)

  • Man's silhouette
    19:28 27.10.2017

    Left on the Shelf: How Rare Is It for Bodies to Go Unburied for 15 Years?

  • Whisky
    03:51 03.08.2017

    Cheers to That! Moderate to Heavy Drinkers Likely to Live to 85 and Avoid Dementia

  • USS Rafael Peralta
    01:36 01.08.2017

    US Navy Introduces New Guided-Missile Destroyer

  • US Customs and Border Protection Officer
    19:02 31.07.2017

    'It's Juice': Teenager Drinks Crystal Meth in Front of US Border Police and Dies

  • The Simpsons family
    03:29 24.07.2017

    No Thanks: Iconic Simpsons Cartoon Turned Down Trump’s Offer to Guest Star

  • The intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 is seen during its test launch in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang, July, 4 2017.
    23:55 11.07.2017

    US Monitor: North Korean Missile ‘Likely’ Able to Hit San Diego in 2 Years

  • General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper
    22:44 03.07.2017

    Daesh Terrorists in Crosshairs of US Air Force’s New MQ-9 Reaper Drones

  • Dalai Lama XIV conducts holiday service in Ivolginsky datsan
    22:44 20.06.2017

    US School Faces Backlash for Inviting Dalai Lama to Speak

  • Explicit material
    23:30 15.05.2017

    Clicking on Porn is Ruining Men’s Sex Drive, Study Reveals

  • Artist’s impression provided by the European Space Agency, ESA, depicting the separation of the ExoMars 2016 entry, descent and landing demonstrator module, named Schiaparelli, center, from the Trace Gas Orbiter, TGO,lrft, and heading for Mars
    22:40 28.04.2017

    Scientists Find Cheap Way to Make Martian Soil into Super Strong Bricks

  • The prehistoric Neanderthal man N, left, is visited for the first time by another reconstruction of a homo neanderthalensis called Wilma, right, at the Neanderthal museum in Mettmann, Germany, Friday, March 20, 2009
    03:55 28.04.2017

    Human Activity in California Found to Be 115,000 Years Older Than Previously Believed

  • embers of the US Navy SEALS on a rubber boat patrol around the US Navy hospital ship the USNS Mercy
    01:24 24.04.2017

    More Very Bad Behavior: Navy SEAL Accused of Hoarding Child Pornography

  • Navy SEAL trainees carry inflatable boats at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado in Coronado, Calif. In a highly unusual move, the training death of an aspiring Navy SEAL, 21-year-old Seaman James Derek Lovelace, has been ruled a homicide by the San Diego County Medical Examiner
    03:11 12.04.2017

    No Charges Filed in Death of US Navy Seal Trainee Who Drowned in Training

  • California Earthquake Cartoon
    23:29 10.03.2017

    Because California is Famous for Efficiently Handling Disasters...

  • The Los Angeles city skyline
    23:23 09.03.2017

    Scientists: 7.4 Quake Would Cause Damage from Los Angeles to San Diego

  • US Navy personnel raise their flag
    06:56 28.02.2017

    Pentagon Pours $120 Million Into Modernization of US Navy's Destroyers, Cruisers

  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
    07:26 18.01.2017

    Northrop Grumman Wins $140Mln for Air Force Battlespace Communication System

  • Police car lights
    22:40 28.12.2016

    San Diego Cops Accused of Perjury and False Statements

  • Police Dog Attacks Naked, Unarmed Man in San Diego
    02:27 14.12.2016

    WATCH: San Diego Cops Unleash Police Dog on Naked, Unarmed Man