• Russian Project 955 strategic nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh arrives at its permanent base in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka. file photo
    16:31 25.12.2016

    Borei-Class Submarines: Principal Component of Russia's Nuclear Triad

  • Science and technology
    10:45 25.12.2016

    ‘Underwater Modems’: Russian Mariners Take the Internet to the Sea Bottom

  • Russian-Indian naval exercise Indra-2014
    15:24 21.12.2016

    Russia, India Finish Antisubmarine Stage of Joint Indra Navy Drills

  • KA-27 ship-based helicopter. (File)
    14:12 19.12.2016

    All-Seeing Eye: New Russian Helicopter Can Detect All Types of Ships and Subs

  • The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying cruiser in Severomorsk. File photo
    11:08 09.12.2016

    Two Accidents With Admiral Kuznetsov in a Month: How the Russian Carrier Compares to US Counterparts

  • Flight deck of Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier
    21:02 05.12.2016

    Russian Naval Aviation Learns Valuable But 'Bitter Lessons' in Syria

  • This is a handout photo issued by Britain's Ministry of Defence taken on Wednesday Oct. 19, 2016, of HMS Richmond, foreground, a Type 23 Duke Class frigate, observing aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, at rear left, which is part of a Russian task group, during transit through the North Sea
    12:51 05.12.2016

    NATO Navy Escorting Russian Warships on Mediterranean Tour Violated No Law

  • Vice-Admiral Kulakov, an Udaloy-class destroyer
    12:30 30.11.2016

    Russia's Vice-Admiral Kulakov Destroyer Completes Tasks in Mediterranean - MoD

  • Soviet Kuznetsov-Class (formerly Leonid Brezhnev-class) carrier
    21:31 27.11.2016

    Top 10 Imperial, Soviet and Modern Russian Aircraft Carriers Through History

  • Kolpino submarine transferred to Russian Navy
    15:25 24.11.2016

    Russian Black Sea Fleet Receives Final Varshavyanka-Class Sub

  • Launch of a Bulava SLBM
    16:43 19.11.2016

    Russian Baltic, Northern Fleets Have Held Some 350 Firing Exercises in 2016

  • Lada-class submarine
    12:51 17.11.2016

    Sankt Peterburg Submarine Fires Cruise Missiles During Barents Sea Drills

  • Scale models of the United Shipbuilding Corporation vessels
    20:05 16.11.2016

    United Shipbuilding Corporation to Deliver 12 Warships to Russian Navy in 2016 - USC Head

  • Marshal Ustinov Missile Cruiser
    16:15 16.11.2016

    Russia's Navy Missile Cruiser Marshal Ustinov to Return to Service by 2017 – Shipbuilder

  • The Russian Navy's large landing ship Caesar Kunikov in the Grek port city of Pylos
    17:15 13.11.2016

    Obama Expected to Demand Greece Close its Ports to Russian Warships

  • CM-302 missile
    13:40 11.11.2016

    China's New Copy of Russian Supersonic Missile Has US Pacific Fleet Worried

  • Large antisubmarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov
    16:42 09.11.2016

    Dutch Sub's Clumsy Attempt to Approach Russian Naval Group in Med Could Have Led to Accident - MoD

  • Igor Belousov rescue ship
    16:47 03.11.2016

    Superior in Every Way: Why Vietnam Wants Russia's 'Dolphin' Rescue Ship

  • Admiral Grigorovich Frigate
    11:51 03.11.2016

    Hardcore Russian Team: Kalibr-Armed Admiral Grigorovich to Join Naval Group Near Syria

  • Transit of Russian Northern Fleet aircraft carrier group through the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea
    15:43 02.11.2016

    Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier Group Blocks Syria Off From US Cruise Missile Strikes