• Tigr armored vehicles and a Yars land-based mobile missile system during a Victory Day Military Parade rehearsal at the Alabino military training ground in the Moscow Region
    03:24 05.06.2019

    Moscow to Commission New Yars Missile Units, Avangard Systems - Russian MoD

  • Syrian northwestern city of Idlib.
    17:13 24.05.2019

    'Not Even Confirmed by White Helmets': Russian MoD Denies Claims of Chemical Attack in Idlib

  • Foreign journalists at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria
    14:58 23.05.2019

    Militants Fired 4 Rockets Toward Hmeymim Base, All Destroyed - Russian MoD

  • Tu-95MS strategic bombers
    17:59 22.05.2019

    Two Russian Strategic Bombers Perform Flight Along Alaskan Coast - Russian MoD

  • Russian military air group at Hmeymim airbase in Syria
    15:14 22.05.2019

    Russian Air Defences Destroy Rockets Fired at Syria Base From Idlib - MoD

  • Russian soldiers at the Hmeymim base in Syria
    11:50 20.05.2019

    Russian Air Force Repels Terrorist Attack on Hmeymim Airbase - MoD

  • An S-400 anti-aircraft missile system during the preparation of military equipment for the military parade marking the 73rd anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, in Kaliningrad
    21:59 01.05.2019

    Russia Sends China Replacements for Storm-Damaged S-400 Missiles - Reports

  • Syrian soldier chilling on a hilltop with a cigarette as he monitors artillery strikes against militant positions in Latakia.
    01:35 24.04.2019

    Russia Records 2 Ceasefire Violations in Syria’s Latakia Over 24 Hours – Russian MoD

  • Black Sea Navy Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla took part in Kavkaz-2016' strategic troops exercise
    06:51 13.04.2019

    Russian Navy Conducted Black Sea Training Amid NATO Naval Exercise in Same Area - Statement

  • Russian Defense Ministry building at Frunzenskaya Embankment in Moscow
    01:03 13.04.2019

    Russian Deputy Defence Minister, French Envoy Discuss Moscow's Peace Efforts in Syria

  • Iraqi refugees, who fled due to the ongoing conflict between pro-government forces and Islamic State (IS) group jihadists, walk at a camp in the northeastern town of al-Hol in Syria's Hasakeh province on October 19, 2016
    23:04 10.04.2019

    Russian MoD: Syria's Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in Desperate Straits, Daily Death Toll Hits 20

  • Syrian northwestern city of Idlib.
    15:00 01.04.2019

    Paris Denies Involvement of Its Intelligence in Preparing Provocation in Idlib

  • This picture taken Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017, shows an ariel view of the informal Rukban camp, between the Jordan and Syria borders.
    22:04 30.03.2019

    Russian Military Urges US to Enter Talks on Dismantling Syria's Rukban Camp

  • In this Sept. 19, 2013, file photo, smoke rises after a TNT bomb was thrown from a helicopter (archive)
    22:08 29.03.2019

    French, Belgian Intel Officers Plan Chemical Attack ‘Provocation’ in Idlib to Blame Russia – Russian MoD

  • Smoke rises after airstrikes targeting different parts of the Syrian capital Damascus, Syria, early Saturday, April 14, 2018
    03:57 26.03.2019

    Militants Violate Ceasefire in 2 Syrian Provinces Over Past Day - Russian MoD

  • Syrian army soldiers stand guard as Russian military police vehicle passes by near the town of Alhureyeh, Syria, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018
    22:03 25.03.2019

    Three Russian Servicemen Were Killed by Terrorists in Syria in February - Russian MoD

  • Russian army servicemen at the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria
    01:17 12.03.2019

    Russian Defense Minister Says Army Now Capable of Remote Combat Missions

  • Russia’s Angara-A5 rocket launched on maiden flight
    03:09 04.03.2019

    Russian Military Mulls Angara-A5 Heavy Rocket for Satellite Launches - Source

  • Syrian Break Echelon Museum in Russia
    12:04 25.02.2019

    Russian Military Displays Trophies From Syria (PHOTOS)

  • The shadow of a flying plane. (File)
    20:32 23.02.2019

    Russian Experts on Board US Aircraft Monitor Strict Compliance of Observation Flight Parametres - MoD