• A convoy of Turkish armoured vehicles drive towards Bab al-Hawa crossing point between Syria and Turkey on a highway in the northern countryside of the Syrian province of Idlib on June 20, 2019.
    19:58 04.08.2019

    Erdogan: Turkey Will Carry Out Operation in Syria East of Euphrates

  • Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks during an Iftar, the evening meal breaking the Ramadan fast, at his palace in Ankara, Turkey, Saturday, May 19, 2018
    18:42 29.07.2019

    ‘Whoever’s on Israel’s Side, We’re Against Them’, Erdogan Says Amid His War of Words With Netanyahu

  • Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks during an Iftar, the evening meal breaking the Ramadan fast, at his palace in Ankara, Turkey, Saturday, May 19, 2018
    09:11 25.07.2019

    Turkey's Erdogan Meets With Malaysian Prime Minister as Death Rumours Dismissed

  •  Russian S-400 long-range air defense missile systems
    02:01 16.07.2019

    Turkey Meets Pledge to Buy World's Most Powerful S-400 Air Defence Systems From Russia - Erdogan

  • S-400 on route to Turkey being loaded up at a Russian airbase.
    09:05 13.07.2019

    Fitch Downgrades Turkey to 'BB-' as Ankara Gets First Batch of S-400 Components From Russia

  •  Russian S-400 long-range air defense missile systems
    18:00 10.07.2019

    Erdogan Reveals Under What Circumstance Turkey Will Use S-400 Missile Systems

  • Russian S-400 Triumph missile system launchers are pictured during combat duty at an air defence unit of the Baltic fleet in Kaliningrad region, Russia
    17:04 08.07.2019

    Preparations Underway to Deliver Russian S-400 Systems to Turkey - Erdogan

  • Black smoke billows over the skyline as a fire at the oil depot for the airport rages out of control after being struck in the crossfire of warring militias battling for control of the airfield, in Tripoli,
    23:24 05.07.2019

    Turkish President Erdogan Urges Haftar to Stop Attacks in Libya - Report

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, shakes hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
    04:59 04.07.2019

    New Geopolitical 'Game'? Pundits Point to Possible Reason Behind Recent Erdogan-Xi Meeting

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Chinese President Xi Jinping attend a signing ceremony ahead of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China May 13, 2017
    02:49 03.07.2019

    Xi Calls for Closer Political Ties Between China and Turkey

  • The president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the trilateral meeting between Turkey, Russia and Iran
    05:28 01.07.2019

    Erdogan Says Trump Told Him ‘You Are Right’ on S-400s Purchase, Promises Delivery in 10 Days

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, at a news conference following the Russian-Turkish talks in Ankara
    07:09 29.06.2019

    Putin Proposes to Erdogan to Step Up Russian-Turkish Investment Cooperation

  • Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile launching system is displayed at the exposition field in Kubinka Patriot Park outside Moscow on August 22, 2017 during the first day of the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2017
    22:54 26.06.2019

    Russia to Complete Delivery of S-400 Systems to Turkey by Year-End - FSMTC

  • Turkish shops, cafes and restaurants in the capital of Adjara
    22:16 26.06.2019

    Silent Expansion: Is Turkey Buying Georgia?

  • Syrian army artillery soldiers in Idlib province in northwestern Syria. file photo
    13:00 25.06.2019

    Idlib & Gulf of Oman: How US and Its Allies are Raising Stakes in the Middle East

  • Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan addresses members of parliament from his ruling AK Party (AKP) during a meeting at the Turkish parliament in Ankara, Turkey, June 13, 2017
    04:36 24.06.2019

    Erdogan Congratulates Opposition Candidate Imamoglu After Istanbul Mayoral Victory

  • Election officials work at a polling station during a referendum at the Uskudar district in Istanbul, Turkey, April 16, 2017
    08:34 23.06.2019

    Istanbul to Choose Mayor in Election Rerun on Sunday

  • F-35A
    15:04 20.06.2019

    Erdogan on F-35: Turkey Threatens to Appeal to Int'l Court if US Backtracks on 'Done Deal'

  • Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses members of his ruling party in Ordu, Turkey, Saturday, March 24, 2018
    04:44 16.06.2019

    Erdogan: Turkey Wants to Develop Friendly Relations With All Regions of World

  • An S-400 air defense missile system
    10:08 15.06.2019

    Turkey Reportedly Considering Counter-Measures Against Looming US Sanctions Over S-400 Deal