• US President Donald Trump speaks at the 91st Annual Future Farmers of America Convention and Expo at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on October 27, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    09:35 28.10.2018

    Twitter Furious as Trump Jokes About 'Bad Hair Day' Amid Synagogue Shooting

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel leaves a news conference in Berlin, Germany (File)
    06:51 28.10.2018

    Merkel 'Grieves for Those who Died in Pittsburgh' - Statement

    Deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
  • Свеча
    06:03 28.10.2018

    Thousands Gather on US Streets for Pittsburgh Shooting Vigil [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

    Deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
  • Police officers respond after a gunman opened fire at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
    17:41 27.10.2018

    US Police Detain Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter, Who Reportedly Shouted 'Jews Need to Die' (PHOTO, VIDEO)

    Deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
  • Uber logo
    03:14 19.08.2016

    Coming Soon: Uber and Volvo Partner for Robo-Rideshare Program

  • Mysterious Shiny Object in the Sky Over Western Pennsylvania
    23:19 05.08.2016

    Mysterious ‘Shiny Object’ Appears Over Western Pennsylvania Sky

  • High School Slips ‘Inspirational’ Hitler, Daesh Leader Quotes in Yearbook

  • Police and Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Iinvestigators examine evidence at the scene of the investigation around an SUV where two suspects were shot by police following a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California December 3, 2015.
    07:27 12.12.2015

    Shooting in Pennsylvania Injures Four, Including Two Minors

  • Police line
    00:52 01.12.2015

    Muslim Cab Driver Shot by Man Ranting About Daesh Terrorists

  • US manufacturing plant
    06:23 11.07.2015

    White House Tries Micro-Communities Plan to Boost Local Manufacturing

  • Ukraine-born classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa
    04:06 07.04.2015

    Toronto Orchestra Bans Ukrainian-Born Soloist From Performing Over Political Views

  • Sopa de letras
    05:17 12.02.2015

    “Fifty Shades” Word Puzzles Given to Pennsylvania Middle Schoolers

  • Dog sledge
    13:20 03.02.2015

    Dog Sledding in the City (VIDEO)

  • The US Department of Agriculture has told the Pittsburgh Zoo to stop using dogs to shepherd their African elephants, as it causes them undue stress.
    06:39 03.02.2015

    Pittsburgh Zoo Must Stop 'Stressing' Elephants with Dogs

  • Pittsburgh Airport To Use Fracking to Alleviate Financial Turmoil - Reports

  • Hockey: Malkin Doubts Kovalchuk's KHL Signing Signals Trend

  • Hockey: Pittsburgh Signs Russian Forward in 3-Year Deal