• In this Nov. 27, 2008, file photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, a Chinese flag flutters in front of the headquarters of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) in Beijing
    16:58 15.10.2015

    China's Central Bank Stimulates Debt Market, Nation Posts Mediocre Growth

  • The US Treasury.
    15:01 08.10.2015

    Will China Dumping US Bonds Undermine Global Finance?

  • A man shelters under an umbrella as he walks past the London Stock Exchange in London, Britain, in this August 24, 2015 file photo
    13:06 22.09.2015

    China Expands Dim Sum Bonds Trade in London Amidst Shrinking Demand

  • People's Bank of China (PBOC) in Beijing
    15:32 21.09.2015

    Chinese Central Bank to Issue Short-Term Renminbi Bonds in London

  • A man talks on the phone inside the Shanghai Stock Exchange building at the Pudong financial district in Shanghai November 17, 2014
    12:55 13.08.2015

    China's Export-Boosting Yuan Devaluation Will Continue

  • Coins and banknotes of the Chinese yuan are set up together with a U.S. dollar
    20:10 12.08.2015

    Yuan's Fall Gives Global Market the Shivers, Sends Australian Dollar Lower

  • A customer counts Chinese Yuan notes at a market in Beijing, August 12, 2015
    16:38 12.08.2015

    What the Latest Currency 'War' is All About

  • Chinese banknotes
    08:35 12.08.2015

    China Allows Yuan to Fall 2% to Keep Exports Competitive Amid Economic Woes

  • Rubles and yuans
    09:54 11.08.2015

    China Devalues Its Tightly-Controlled Currency to Make it 'Market-Friendly'

  • People wait outside a Bank of China branch in Beijing
    18:56 30.07.2015

    China, Latin American Ties to Weaken US Influence in New Multipolar World

  • A gold bar
    18:21 24.07.2015

    Global Gold Price Reaches Five-Year Low

  • A stock investor gestures as he checks share prices at a securities firm in Fuyang, east China's Anhui province
    20:07 29.06.2015

    China’s Stock Slump Widens as Stimulus Fails to Calm Investors

  • Gold
    17:12 24.06.2015

    Bank of China Joins London Gold Auction, Promises Boon for Domestic Market

  • Gold ingots
    16:22 22.06.2015

    Bank of China Becomes First in Asia to Set London Gold Price

  • An employee adjusts a price tag at a supermarket in China
    10:14 08.06.2015

    Chinese Imports and Exports Continue Downward Trend in May

  • Mainland Chinese visitors admire the skyline of the financial Central district inside a shopping mall in Hong Kong April 14, 2015
    20:51 28.04.2015

    Next Stage in Global Monetary War: China Close to Stimulus, US Fed Cautious

  • Pudong
    16:43 29.03.2015

    China’s Potential Deflation Threatens to Overthrow Global Monetary Order

  • A man works at Mexico's stock exchange, or MBV, next to a television showing U.S. stock markets during trading in Mexico City
    15:32 20.03.2015

    US Dollar Retreats, Global Markets Mostly Down on Fed Pessimism, Europe Up

  • A man reacts as he looks at the stock price monitor at a private securities company Monday, March 16, 2009 in Shanghai, China.
    10:54 05.03.2015

    China’s ‘New Normal’ Growth Figure Hits Asian Markets Hard

  • Investors look at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai
    10:24 19.01.2015

    Stock Market Crash in China Biggest Since 2009, Rest of World Set to Rally