• Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu
    14:57 08.04.2013

    Defense Minister Slams Cash Up Front Procurement

  • Investigators Probe $3 Mln Defense Firm Fraud

  • Interior Ministry Prevents $11 Mln Rostech Theft

  • Investigators Probe $260,000 Russian Defense Firm Theft

  • Prosecutors Probe Alleged $1 Mln Space Forces Fraud

  • Prosecutors Probe $230,000 Defense Ministry Fraud

  • Russian Ex Chief of Staff Gets Defense Minister Aide Job

  • Police Probe New Defense Industry Fraud

    Oboronservis Case
  • Defense Minister Slams Property Service Company

  • Putin Orders Defense Ministry to Get House in Order

  • No ‘Untouchables’ in Fight Against Corruption – Kremlin

  • Cost of Oboronservis Fraud Now at $433 Mln Say Investigators

    Oboronservis Case
  • Serdyukov’s Refusal to Testify Legal - Chief Military Prosecutor

    Oboronservis Case
  • Russia Probes 25 Defense Ministry Fraud Cases

    Oboronservis Case
  • Ex-Minister Serdyukov Refuses to Cooperate - Investigators

    Oboronservis Case
  • Investigators Probe New South Russia Defense Property Sale

    Oboronservis Case
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  • Watchdog: Corruption Widespread in Defense Sectors Globally

  • Military Servicing Work Must be Outsourced - Minister

    Oboronservis Case