• Kenyan police officers keep vigil outside the Supreme Court in Nairobi. File photo
    15:30 27.03.2015

    Australia Warns Against Kenya Trips Over Heightened Terrorist Threat

  • Gunmen Kill Kenyan Lawmaker in Capital Nairobi

  • In this courtroom drawing, seated from left, defense attorney Sabrina Shroff, defendants Kahlid al-Fawwaz and Adel Abdul Bary and attorney Andrew Patel appear before a judge in Manhattan federal court in New York on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012
    20:48 16.01.2015

    Egyptian National to Be Sentenced for 1998 US Embassy Bombings

  • Women take part in a protest
    17:39 17.11.2014

    Nairobi Residents Hold Rally in Support of Woman Stripped by Crowd of Men

  • Kenya Marks One Year Since Deadly Westgate Mall Attack

  • Kenyan President: Terrorists Defeated

  • Siege in Nairobi: Dozens Killed, Hostages Still Held

  • 39 Dead In Kenya Mall Attack; Hostages Still Held