• Tatiana Palermo, Secretary of Agribusiness International Relations, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of the Federative Republic of Brazil
    11:00 12.10.2015

    Brazil Eager to Start Talks on Free Trade Zone With EEU

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin posing for a photograph with Argentina's President, Cristina Fernandez during his visit to Bueons Aires, July 12, 2014.
    14:04 08.05.2015

    Russia-Argentina Accords Are Another Step Toward Multipolar World - Expert

  • Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, economist and columnist for Contralinea Magazine, notes that US attempts to contain emerging economies including Russia and the countries of Latin America work only to hasten these nations' efforts to create a new, truly multipolar world order independent of Washington's influence. Photo: Nicolas Maduro and Vladimir Putin, July, 2014
    22:25 20.03.2015

    Washington's Bid to Contain Russia and Latin America Hastens Creation of New Partnerships

  • Argentine Ambassador to Russia Pablo Tettamanti
    10:50 06.02.2015

    Mercosur Wants to Expand Cooperation With Eurasian Economic Union

  • Latin America should create own rating agency to counter the power of such agencies as S&P and Moody's, economist Lia Valls Ferreira said
    14:27 13.01.2015

    Economist Believes Latin America, BRICS Should Have Own Rating Agencies

  • According to the Press TV, the announcement was made as many foreign business delegations seeking investment opportunities had visited Iran in recent months.
    10:43 02.12.2014

    Brazil, Uruguay Switch From Dollar to Local Currencies for Bilateral Trade

  • Travel with RIA Novosti: Santiago, Chile
    18:08 26.11.2014

    Chile, UN Push Mercosur, Pacific Alliance Towards Convergence

  • Mercosur
    13:25 29.07.2014

    Mercosur Summit to Sign New Economic Zone Agreement

  • South American Bloc Slams US Over Spying, Snowden Standoff

    Ex-CIA Employee Discloses US Secret Surveillance Programs