• Court
    07:54 22.09.2018

    US Justice Department Sentences Latvian Resident to 14 Years Over Antivirus Evasion Scheme

  • March of angry parents in Riga against the full transfer of schools into the Latvian language.
    16:07 15.09.2018

    Thousands Rally in Riga Against Switching Russian-Language Schools to Latvian

  • The Norwegian team's goalkeeper Steffen Soberg, Russia's player Stepan Sannikov and Norway's player Mattias Norstebo seen in the World Ice Hockey Championship's match between Russia and Norway
    16:25 10.09.2018

    WATCH Goaltender's Mask Shatter After Slap Shot

  • World
    21:58 09.08.2018

    Ticking Time Bomb? Scientists Reveal 10 Countries That Could Soon Die Out

  • The S-400 Triumf anti-air missile system
    20:15 03.08.2018

    McCain 2019 Defense Bill 'Whips' Turkey for S-400 Deal, Targets Russia, China

  • Cities of the world. Riga
    12:17 30.07.2018

    'Peace of Mind': Latvian MP Wants Russia to Fall Apart?

  • Liepaja, Latvia. File photo.
    21:33 28.07.2018

    Lithuanian Family Branded as 'Russian Invaders' During Visit to Latvia

  • McDonald's fast food restaurant. (File)
    19:48 15.07.2018

    Car Rams Into McDonald's in Latvian Capital of Riga (PHOTO)

  • Members of US 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command stands next to a Patriot surface-to-air missile battery during the NATO multinational ground based air defence units exercise Tobruq Legacy 2017 at the Siauliai airbase. (File)
    17:56 11.07.2018

    Italian MP: We Need Soldiers at Europe's External Borders, But Not With Russia

  • Cities of the world. Riga
    11:58 09.07.2018

    Denmark Lobbies for NATO Headquarters in "Today's Frontline" Latvia

  • Head of Sputnik Latvia Valentins Rozencovs
    23:41 05.07.2018

    CPJ Concerned Over Senior Sputnik Journalist's Detention in Latvia

  • Journalists in the media center
    18:34 05.07.2018

    Journo: If Sputnik is Targeted in Latvia Over Gov't Funding, Why Isn't 'Fake News' BBC?

  • Sputnik
    16:08 05.07.2018

    Detention of Sputnik Latvia's Senior Editor Violates Press Freedom - IFJ Chief

  • Sputnik Greece
    12:11 05.07.2018

    Sputnik Latvia's Editor-In-Chief Detained For 12 Hours By Police in Riga

  • Fragment of a now-deleted ad by a Latvian party
    21:40 04.07.2018

    Blaxploitation Baltic Style? Election Ad Sparks Public Outcry in Latvia

  • European energy systems
    17:48 10.06.2018

    Here's What Baltic Countries Really Fear From Russia (and It's Not Invasion)

  • Estonian soldiers take part in an annual military exercise together with several units from other NATO member states
    02:21 06.06.2018

    Defense Ministry: Over 2,000 Estonian Soldiers Deployed to Saber Strike Drills

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
    18:54 09.04.2018

    Nord Stream 2 Going Full Throttle Despite Ukraine's Protests, US Threats

  • A brown bear (File)
    13:00 07.04.2018

    Bear Breaks Latvian Border Fence in Attempt to Reach Russia

  • Angry Parents' March in Riga against Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis's decision to declare a law on Latvian as the only language of instruction in schools
    13:53 06.04.2018

    WATCH Parents in Riga Protest Against Transfer of Schools to Latvian Language