• Kalashnikov's new strike drone.
    21:15 19.02.2019

    WATCH Kalashnikov's Kamikaze Drone Slam Into Enemy Targets

  • Russian Kamikaze Drone prototype
    13:44 17.02.2019

    Russia's Kalashnikov Kamikaze Drone Successfully Passes Trials - Press Service

  • AK-15 and AK-12
    05:41 24.01.2019

    Kalashnikov Concern Plans to Start Production of NATO-Standard Assault Rifle in 2019

  • Concern Kalashnikov opens its store at Sheremetevo Airport
    10:57 10.10.2018

    Rostec Says Idea to Produce Copies of Russian NSV Heavy Machine Guns in US 'Theft'

  • Fighters of a special ops unit of the Chechen Republic's Ministry of the Interior during a drill near the North Pole
    16:43 27.09.2018

    Kalashnikov Concern Develops Outfit for Arctic Special Forces - Statement

  • President Vladimir Putin visits Patriot park
    21:52 19.09.2018

    WATCH Putin Try Out Kalashnikov Concern's New Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

  • Concept of a new Electric Car by Kalashnikov concern. 2018
    13:19 24.08.2018

    UAE to Purchase Kalashnikov-Made Electric Cars and Motorcycles

  • Electric supercar
    16:14 23.08.2018

    Kalashnikov Vows to Develop New Electric Supercar to Rival Tesla (VIDEO)

  • JSC Kalashnikov Concern Displays Humanoid Combat Robot
    13:15 22.08.2018

    Kalashnikov Developers Showcase Humanoid Combat Robot

  • Kalashnikov Concern presents new motor vehicle during the Army 2017 International Military-Technical Forum
    16:40 18.07.2018

    All About Guns? Top 5 Most Surprising Kalashnikov Products

  • Kalashnikov Concern experts showing Vityaz submachine gun capabilities
    12:12 24.05.2018

    WATCH Russia's Kalashnikov Concern Show Off Vityaz Submachine Gun Capabilities

  • The Energiya space rocket system comprising a launch vehicle and the Buran reusable shuttle. File photo
    18:39 28.03.2018

    'New Guidelines of Activity': Russia's Kalashnikov Aims at Outer Space – Report

  • AK-47 Assault Rifle
    13:44 24.03.2018

    'US Kalashnikov Probe is Another Act of Trade War' – Russian Historian

  • BAS Soratnik
    13:17 09.03.2018

    Locked and Loaded: WATCH Russian Combat Robots in Action

  • AK-15 and AK-12
    03:13 15.12.2017

    Russia's Kalashnikov Finishes Testing AK-12, AK-15 for Ratnik Combat Kit

  • Kalashnikov Rolls Out a 'Flying Car'. File photo
    15:49 26.09.2017

    Not by Guns Alone: Kalashnikov Rolls Out a 'Flying Car' (VIDEO)

  • Kalashnikov develops anti-uav device
    15:10 22.08.2017

    'Universal Soldier': Kalashnikov Develops Anti-UAV Electronic Device That Does It All

  • Unmanned U.S. Predator drone. (File)
    01:09 22.08.2017

    Kalashnikov Group Develops Weapon Against Drones

  • Presentation of the new Kalashnikov Concern brand
    21:19 15.08.2017

    Kalashnikov Group Set to Showcase Police E-Bikes at Army-2017 Expo

  • July 10, 2017. Russian President Vladimir Putin looks at Rostec Corporation's display during the 8th Innoprom International Industrial Trade Fair at the Yekaterinburg Expo International Exhibition Center.
    16:24 13.07.2017

    From Tanks to Motorcycles & Arctic Drones: Russian Military Giant Aims to Conquer Civil Market