• Soyuz descent module. File photo
    17:41 11.12.2015

    Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem: ISS Crew Returns Safely to Earth

  • Cygnus Spacecraft to Deliver Supplies to International Space Station

  • The ultimate purpose of the new research center's team is to try to find out how the Universe and life on the Earth emerged.
    16:37 27.06.2015

    Secret of Life: Japan to Open Center on Extraterrestrial Matter Research

  • This view of Mercury's southern polar region was captured by NASA's Messenger spacecraft during its mission to orbit the planet for years.
    03:53 11.06.2015

    Giant Cliffs on Mercury Defy Any Explanation Scientists Try to Offer

  • Japan's H-2A
    13:11 26.03.2015

    Eye in the Sky: Japan Launches Spy Satellite Into Orbit

  • Hayabusa 2
    07:59 03.12.2014

    Japan Launches Asteroid-Chasing Spacecraft

  • International Space Station
    21:48 21.01.2014

    Space Station Creators Get Support for Nobel Nomination

  • Olympic Torch Arrives at International Space Station

  • Incoming Space Station Commander to Treat Crew to Sushi

    International Space Station
  • Japan Set for Launch of New Carrier Rocket Epsilon

  • Russia May Build Own Space Station From New Modules – Energia

    Russian Space Programs