15:15 16.07.2019

    Watch British Airways Aircraft Narrowly Miss Tourists During Landing at Skiathos

  • SH-60F Seahawk Helicopter
    01:05 16.07.2019

    US State Department Okays Greek Purchase of Seahawk Helicopters

  • Lightning or Artillery Strike? Deadly Greece Storm Produces Deafening Thunderbolt
    22:13 11.07.2019

    Lightning or Artillery Strike? Deadly Greece Storm Produces Deafening Thunderbolt

  • Fault Lines
    13:26 11.07.2019

    Is the 'Big One' Coming? - Recent California Earthquakes Spark New Fears

  • Oil tanker Morning Glory
    11:31 10.07.2019

    Turkey to Continue Drilling Operations Near Cyprus Despite EU Criticism - Foreign Ministry

  • Kendall Jenner
    12:09 09.07.2019

    Kendall Jenner Wows 50 Cent, Kim Kardashian With Her Take on Bottle Cap Challenge (Video)

  • The Critical Hour
    01:57 09.07.2019

    Have Sex Allegations Finally Caught Up With Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein & Friends?

  • 01:48 09.07.2019

    Greek New Democracy Won Thanks to Defections From Golden Dawn, Low Voter Turnout

  • Fault Lines
    20:37 08.07.2019

    Is Being Rich and Powerful the Ultimate "Get Out of Jail Free" Card?

  • 13:03 08.07.2019

    New Democracy Party Leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis Sworn In as Greek Prime Minister

  • Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras looks on before a ruling Syriza party parliamentary group session in Athens, Greece, May 6, 2016.
    21:45 07.07.2019

    Greek PM Tsipras Congratulates New Democracy Leader Mitsotakis on Winning Parliamentary Elections

  • Newly elected leader of Greece's conservative New Democracy party Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrives at the party's headquarters, a day after winning the party elections, in Athens, Greece January 11, 2016
    19:14 07.07.2019

    Conservative New Democracy Party Leads in Greek Snap General Election - Exit Polls

  • 14:30 07.07.2019

    Greek Opposition New Democracy Party Leads in Snap Elections Outrunning Ruling Syriza

  • A man prepares his vote in a voting booth prior to casting his ballot in an election for the leadership of Greece's conservative New Democracy party, at a polling station in Athens (File)
    08:20 07.07.2019

    Greeks to Vote Sunday in Snap General Election

  • Police car, lights
    21:58 04.07.2019

    Greek Police Detain Leader of Extreme Right-Wing Group - Reports

  • Oct. 30, 2018, Turkey's new drillship 'Conquerer' is seen off the coast of Antalya, southern Turkey
    17:43 21.06.2019

    Greek PM Suggests EU Might Impose Penalties Over Turkey's Gas Drilling in Cyprus Waters

  • Family First: Father Swan Shoos Away Approaching Tourist
    00:30 19.06.2019

    Family First: Father Swan Shoos Away Approaching Tourist

  • Sputnik
    20:17 14.06.2019

    Sputnik Deputy Chief Editor Presents Multilanguage Products at GEN Summit in Athens

  • (File) An Mirage 2000-5 takes off at Tanagra Air Force base, north of Athens, Greece on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009
    17:26 14.06.2019

    Greek Communist Party Demand Closure of US Bases in Country in Wake of US Threats Against Iran

  • Life jackets and a boat that were used by refugees and migrants to cross the Aegean sea from Turkey lie abandoned on a beach on the Greek Island of Lesbos on October 8, 2015.
    10:23 11.06.2019

    Asylum-Seekers' Boat Overturns, 6 Drown Near Greek Island of Lesbos - Reports