• Logo of Google on the front door of the new Google European tech center in Zurich, Switzerland
    16:42 02.08.2016

    Force Majeure: Tech Giants Compel Jihadists Watch Anti-terrorist Cartoons

  • he The CIA seal is seen displayed before President Barack Obama speaks at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Va., Wednesday, April 13, 2016
    20:40 15.04.2016

    Orwellian Reality: Big Brother Watching You on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • The Pentagon.
    01:06 12.04.2016

    There Goes the Neighborhood: Pentagon’s Move to Silicon Valley is Awkward

  • Google
    04:50 22.03.2016

    How Do You Spell Regime Change? Alphabet Inc. Sought Assad’s Overthrow

  • Still from Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.
    02:07 17.03.2016

    Google to Develop Robot Clones of Dead Loved Ones, Celebrities

  • Google Glass 2.0
    03:27 30.12.2015

    Second Time’s the Charm? Google Reveals New Glass Wearable

  • Google
    08:04 24.12.2015

    Asimov Revisited: Google Exec Projects AI Revolution, Issues Three 'Basic Principles'

  • Google Russia's Gmail service
    16:32 05.10.2015

    Court Bans Google From Spying on Russian Users' Email Correspondence

  • Google and European Union logos
    04:26 20.08.2015

    Lightning Strikes Four Times: Google Loses Data in Belgium

  • Google Project Wing
    00:43 13.08.2015

    Google Drone Project Skirts US Regulations With a Little Help From NASA

  • Google Files Patent For A Watch That Kills Cancer
    21:35 01.05.2015

    Time's Up For Cancer: Google Files Patent for Cancer Killing Watch

  • The Google logo
    22:07 21.04.2015

    Google Sets New Lobbying Spending Record - Research Group

  • Google Spain
    14:09 15.04.2015

    EU Commission Sends Formal Antitrust Objection to Google

  • DQN playing Breakout Edit
    01:43 27.02.2015

    Google Computer Imitates Human Brain, Can Learn From Mistakes

  • Logo of Google on the front door of the new Google European tech center in Zurich, Switzerland
    15:24 25.02.2015

    Google to Pay Italy $360Mln in Taxes on Revenue

  • A view from the moon to Earth
    00:30 25.02.2015

    US & Japan to Hold 'Nascar Rover Race' on the Moon in 2016

  • Google
    05:40 18.02.2015

    Google Wants to Make Data Usage on Android Phones Free

  • Founder of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation [HHCF], Adisa Banjoko
    12:47 02.02.2015

    Hip-Hop Organization Wants Google to Stop Showing Gun Ads on Rap Videos

  • Google is expanding the limits to accessing its services in Crimea
    21:46 29.01.2015

    Google Expands Access Limits to Services in Crimea

    Western Sanctions Against Russia
  • The logo of the website specialised in publishing secret documents WikiLeaks
    18:13 26.01.2015

    WikiLeaks May Take Google to Court Over Violation of Staff Members Privacy