• US air force F-16 jet fighter
    06:38 20.12.2016

    General Electric to Pay $2.5Mln to Settle Claims Over Military Aircraft Engines

  • Gavel
    00:43 20.12.2016

    Obama ‘Death Ray’ Assassin Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

  • An activist shows fake banknotes during a demonstration outside the European Commission (EC) headquarters.
    15:23 29.09.2016

    New EU Lobbying Register Rules Slammed as 'Timid Cosmetic Changes'

  • F-18 jet fighter takes off on the USS John C. Stennis, aircraft carrier in the South China Sea on Friday, April 15, 2016. U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited the aircraft carrier during a trip to the region
    01:45 28.09.2016

    General Electric Nabs $147.9Mln to Repair, Replace F-18 Jet Engine Parts

  • Euro banknotes
    18:53 07.06.2016

    Critics Slam Secretive EU Lobbying, Call for Mandatory Register

  • Offshore
    15:51 17.04.2016

    Oxfam Expert to Sputnik: US Tax System is 'Rigged' to Help the Richest

  • Rosneft
    13:57 02.02.2016

    Rosneft Agrees to Long-Term Strategic Cooperation Program With GE

  • In this July 19, 2011 file photo, passers-by walk past an American Express logo near the entrance to a bank in the Harvard Square neighborhood of Cambridge, Mass
    02:08 11.12.2015

    US Advocacy Groups Call on Major Corporations to End Forced Arbitration

  • Members of the media wearing protective suits and masks report as they are escorted by TEPCO employees at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)'s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima prefecture on February 20, 2012
    17:35 21.09.2015

    Fukushima Disaster Aftermath: Japanese Government Has Something to Hide

  • A Wall Street sign hangs near the New York Stock Exchange.
    10:37 12.09.2015

    General Electric Withdraws From Banking in Speculated $11 Bln Deal

  • US Department of Justice (DOJ)
    23:11 01.07.2015

    US Justice Dept Blocks $3.3Bln General Electric-Electrolux Acquisition Deal

  • People protesting the TPP look at other protesters, as they rally to advocate for an increase in pay to $15 USD per hour, as part of a Fight for $15 labor effort on Capitol Hill April 22, 2015 in Washington
    20:11 13.05.2015

    Obama's TPP: Bold Plan or Secret Corporate Takeover?

  • General Electric logo
    19:39 10.04.2015

    General Electric to Sell Company's Assets Worth $26.5Bln

  • General Electric (GE) employees were evacuated safely from the GE Appliance Park Plant in Kentucky after a fire broke out on Friday, GE Senior Public Relations Manager Dominic McMullan confirmed with Sputnik.
    17:59 03.04.2015

    General Electric Confirms Safe Evacuation After Fire at Kentucky Plant

  • Emergency crews in Louisville, Kentucky are currently trying to extinguish a massive fire at a General Electric’s (GE) Appliance Park.
    17:24 03.04.2015

    Crews Trying to Put Out Massive Fire at General Electric Plant in Kentucky

  • Oil Pump Jack
    09:08 13.02.2015

    Oil Up on Industry Cuts in Jobs, Spending

  • US President Barack Obama smiles as he delivers remarks at the House Democratic Issues Conference in Pennsylvania
    17:53 02.02.2015

    Obama's Budget Proposal Includes 14% One-Time Tax on Overseas Profits

  • General Electric Company logo
    05:38 23.12.2014

    French Power Company $772Mln Fine Not Affect Its Takeover Deal With GE

  • GE to Boost Energy Efficiency in Russia – Medvedev