• Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt
    19:57 31.10.2016

    Google’s Eric Schmidt Helped Clinton Set Out 2016 Campaign Platform

  • Pentagon fence
    23:18 26.07.2016

    Amazon Chairman to Join Google Chief on US Defense Innovation Board

  • Protesters take part in a demonstration against the Bilderberg conference in Telfs, Austria, on June 13, 2015.
    17:20 09.06.2016

    Psst! West's Most Powerful Meet at Bilderberg Annual Bash in Germany

  • Google writing on the wall
    00:50 04.03.2016

    Pentagon, Google Join Forces to Advance US Military Hegemonic Capacity

  • Jigsaw puzzle
    15:25 18.02.2016

    Google's New Tech Incubator Jigsaw Wants to Solve Geopolitical Problems

  • Google
    08:04 24.12.2015

    Asimov Revisited: Google Exec Projects AI Revolution, Issues Three 'Basic Principles'

  • Logo of Google on the front door of the new Google European tech center in Zurich, Switzerland
    14:27 09.12.2015

    Google Exec Proposes Algorithms to Weed Out Online Terrorism, Hate Speech

  • Audi
    02:15 11.06.2015

    Audi Boss: Google Cars Will Spy on You, But We Won’t!

  • An activist protests near the meeting place for the conference of the Bilderberg Group
    15:47 09.06.2015

    Bankers and Big Business Bosses to Dominate Secretive Bilderberg Talks

  • A man types on a keyboard in a computer server room
    03:08 19.03.2015

    US Should be Transparent About Surveillance Programs - Google Chairman

    Ex-CIA Employee Discloses US Secret Surveillance Programs
  • Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt
    13:22 23.01.2015

    Google Chairman Predicts the End of Internet

  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    19:39 04.12.2014

    Google to Support Hillary Clinton in US 2016 Election: Assange

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange case
  • Google's CEO Says NSA Spying Can Break the Internet: Reports

    Ex-CIA Employee Discloses US Secret Surveillance Programs
  • Исполнительный директор компании Google Эрик Шмидт (Eric Schmidt)
    12:31 23.11.2013

    Google Chair: Russia on China’s Path to Web Censorship

  • Северная Корея
    10:24 05.01.2013

    North Korea Eyes Foreign Investment

  • Google
    23:48 03.01.2013

    Google Exec’s Trip to North Korea Could Signal a Rare Opportunity