• The share of electricity generated from coal rose in Germany last year as the country seeks to achieve its ambitious aim of switching off all nuclear power plants by 2022.
    16:05 29.07.2015

    Report Warns of Huge Risks in German Nuclear Decommissioning Costs

  • General view of the Belleville-sur-Loire's nuclear plant in France.
    14:14 08.07.2015

    French President Holds Nuclear Crisis Talks

  • Stop New Nuclear Hinkley Point nuclear power blockade
    14:43 24.06.2015

    UK's Nuclear Plans Hit a Snag as Austria Vows Legal Challenge

  • A picture shows development land where the reactors of Hinkly C nuclear power station
    14:19 17.06.2015

    German Lawmakers Call for End to Subsidies as Nuclear Failures Continue

  • Russia's Rosatom Inks Deals, Edges Closer to UK Nuclear Reactor Market