• Japan has seized the passport of a photojournalist planning to travel to Syria to ensure his safety in the wake of recent killings of Japanese nationals by the Islamic State
    12:37 24.10.2014

    Japan Introducing Extra Security Measures to Prevent Ebola Virus

  • Hearings of candidate commissioners: Christos Stylianides under scrutiny at the European Parliament
    10:15 24.10.2014

    EU Countries Nominate Ebola Coordinator

  • Three Contacts of New York Ebola Patient Quarantined

  • Tests Show Hospitalized New York Doctor Contracted Ebola: Reports

  • Mali Detects First Ebola Case: Reports

  • US Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients in Guinea Hospitalized: Reports

  • Guinea Starts Paying Ebola Compensation: Reports

  • WHO Registers Almost 1,000 New Ebola Cases in West Africa in One Week

  • Cameron Calls for More European Action in Fight Against Ebola

  • North Korea Closes Border to Tourists Over Ebola Fears

  • Ebola Checks for African Residents in Russia Unnecessary: Health Ministry

  • EU to Spend Over $28Mln on Ebola Research

  • Italy to Send New Medication for Ebola to Sierra Leone: Health Minister

  • Abbott Says Partners Urging Australia to ‘Do More’ on Ebola

  • Montenegro Denies Entry to African Athletes Over Ebola Threat: Marathon General Secretary

  • Ebola Claims 300 More Lives in Five Days: WHO

  • Australian MPs Call For Lambie to Resign After Misinformed Ebola Comments

  • 21 Day Active Ebola Monitoring Measure Starts Monday in Six US States

  • Bolivian President Evo Morales
    21:01 22.10.2014

    Bolivia to Donate $1Mln to Help Fight Ebola: President Evo Morales

  • Test tubes
    20:52 22.10.2014

    Johnson&Johnson Allocates $200 Mln to Ebola Vaccine Production