• Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)
    23:52 02.02.2016

    FBI Joins Criminal Investigation Into Flint’s Poisoned Water Crisis

  • michael moore
    22:08 28.01.2016

    Michael Moore: Stop Sending Bottled Water, Join Revolution for Flint Instead

  • Loud & Clear
    15:09 28.01.2016

    Kurdish Heroes in the Fight Against Daesh Barred From Syrian Peace Talks?

  • Officials Knew of Michigan’s Poison Water for Months; Calls for Governor to Resign Intensify
    23:38 26.01.2016

    Move Over Flint: Ohio Town Falls Victim to Lead-Poisoned Water Scandal

  • Pistol with ammunition
    01:31 26.01.2016

    Militia Joins Flint Water Crisis Protest

  • Officials Knew of Michigan’s Poison Water for Months; Calls for Governor to Resign Intensify
    01:35 16.01.2016

    ‘Toxic Waste’: Michigan Governor Investigated in Poisoned Drinking Water Scandal

  • Officials with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew about poisonous lead in the tap water in Flint, Michigan, as early as April, and did nothing about it.
    23:43 13.01.2016

    Feds Knew Michigan City’s Water Supply Was Poisoned and Did Nothing

  • The West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri, pictured in July 2014
    04:23 21.10.2015

    Underground Fire Threatens Radioactive Waste Dump Near St. Louis

  • The BradCast
    16:07 30.06.2015

    The Good, the Bad and the SCOTUS Ruling on Arizona Redistricting

  • Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller contains the active chemical glyphosate, which the World Health organization has labeled a probable carcinogen.
    03:36 18.04.2015

    US May Start Testing Food for ‘Probably Carcinogenic’ Glyphosate

  • Monarch butterfly
    00:20 01.04.2015

    Cover Your Tracks: Monsanto Donates $4Mln to Save Monarch Butterflies

  • March against Monsanto
    20:33 25.03.2015

    Monsanto Demands WHO Retract Study Linking Product to Cancer

  • United States Capitol
    00:54 20.03.2015

    US Congress Passes Controversial 'Secret Science' Bill Defying White House Veto Threat

  • Demonstrators protest during a rally against fracking in Washington in July 2014.
    06:27 04.03.2015

    EPA Report on Fracking Heavily Influenced by Industry Pressure

  • Bureaucracy
    02:41 04.03.2015

    US Government Can't Fire Employees Who Watch Porn Six Hours a Day

  • Monarch butterfly
    03:08 28.02.2015

    Monsanto Chemical Killed off US Monarch Butterflies, EPA Suit Claims

  • Coal
    02:39 12.02.2015

    US Senator Slams US Environmental Agency for Not Visiting Coal Country

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency is going to review California’s underground injection control program amid concerns about the impact of oil and gas companies on the quality of drinking water in the region.
    04:52 10.02.2015

    CA Reviewing Oil Wells as EPA Cracks Down on “Mismanaged” Program

  • Keystone XL oil pipeline
    03:52 05.02.2015

    Environmentalists Urge Obama to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline After EPA Review

  • houseboats sit in the drought-lowered waters of Oroville Lake, near Oroville, California.
    06:45 03.02.2015

    CA Officials Allowed Fracking to Taint Drinking Water Amid Record Drought