• Tenge
    13:57 20.08.2015

    'Currency Wars': Kazakhstan's Tenge Plummets in Value After China, Russia Devaluation

  • Ebola virus under the microscope
    09:38 15.03.2015

    Man Hospitalized in Southern Kazakhstan on Suspicion of Ebola

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  • Protesters Detained at Anti-Devaluation Rally in Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan Devalues National Currency

  • Retrial Over Opposition Leader's Killing Opens in Kazakhstan

  • Rights Group Slams Kanye West for Gig in Kazakhstan

  • Beyonce concert in Moscow
    12:32 02.09.2013

    US Celebs Top Bill at Nazarbayev Wedding Party in Kazakhstan

  • Public Porn Screener in Kazakhstan ‘Just Wanted to Have Fun’

  • Kazakh Police Investigating Public Porno Screening

  • Kazakhstan’s ENRC 6-Month Profit Down 69%

  • Locomotive Crashes Into Passenger Train in Almaty; 50 Injured

  • Iran Nuclear Talks: No Breakthrough, But Step Forward

    Iran's nuclear program
  • Iran Announces ‘New’ Nuclear Program Proposals

    Iran's nuclear program
  • Iran Nuclear Talks End With No Breakthrough

    Iran's nuclear program
  • First Day of Iran Nuclear Talks Ends With No Breakthrough

    Iran's nuclear program
  • New Round of Iran Nuclear Talks Starts in Kazakhstan

    Iran's nuclear program
  • Twenty-One Dead in Kazakhstan Plane Crash