• Russian surface-to-air missile system S-300 PMU2 Favorit
    12:26 13.10.2016

    Sky is Safe Now: Russia Supplies All S-300 Missile System Divisions to Iran

  • An Afghanistan National Army (ANA) helicopter flies over a military base as commando forces demonstrate their skills during an exercise mission at Commando Unit Base on outskirts of Kabul on March 16, 2013
    14:47 27.03.2015

    Russia Open to Further Military-Technical Cooperation With US – Official

  • Первый заместитель главы ФСВТС Александр Фомин
    16:45 17.09.2014

    Russia, Egypt Initial Arms Contracts Worth 3.5 Billion

  • Mi-28 helicopter
    13:41 24.03.2014

    Russia's 2014 Arms Exports Surpass $2Bln

  • Russia Close to Complete Attack Helicopter Deliveries to Brazil

  • Russia to Offer Brazil Stake in Future Advanced Fighter Project

  • Combat Aircraft Remain Key Russian Arms Exports – Official

  • Russia to Display Yak-130 Combat Trainer at Paris Air Show

  • Russia to Complete Helicopter Deliveries to Brazil in Fall

  • Russian Arms Trade Czar Says "War" Declared on Weapon Supplies to Syria

  • Первый заместитель главы ФСВТС Александр Фомин
    18:52 21.01.2013

    Russia Sells Record $15 Bln of Arms in 2012

    Russian arms exports