• Launch
    12:59 20.06.2015

    Sky Guards: Watch Russian Aerospace Troops Successfully Launch ABM

  • Launch of Soyuz 2.1a with Fregat upper stage
    18:33 05.06.2015

    Russia Launches Soyuz Carrier Rocket With Military Satellite

  • The emblem of the Aerospace Defense in the Titov Space Control Center in Krasnoznamensk, Moscow Region
    11:39 12.04.2015

    Aerospace Defense Force Detects Reconnaissance Satellites Spying on Russia

  • Radar of missile defense system of Moscow
    17:17 29.11.2014

    Three Ballistic Missile Launches Detected by Russia's Aerospace Defense

  • Макет ракетного комплекса Ангара на космодроме Плесецк
    08:00 11.11.2014

    Over 140 Carrier Rockets, 500 ICBMs Launched from Plesetsk in 20 Years

  • Памятник Юрию Гагарину в Звездном городке
    13:28 04.10.2014Photo8

    Guardians of the Sky: Russia Celebrates Space Forces Day

  • Russia Plans to Boost Space Monitoring Capability by 2018

  • S-400 Air Defense Systems
    10:38 13.09.2014

    Founding Day of Air and Missile Defense Command of Aerospace Defense Forces

  • Satellite of Cosmos Series
    11:40 12.09.2014

    Russian Aerospace Defense Forces Again Dismiss Satellite Explosion Rumors

  • Military exercise involving S-300 surface-to-air missile systems
    11:26 20.08.2014

    Russian Aerospace Defense Forces to Launch 20 Missiles During Exercise

  • Russia Launches Military Satellite Into Orbit

  • Russia Plans to Launch New Glonass Satellite on March 24

    Russia's Glonass satellite navigation system
  • Russia Outlines Structure of Future Aerospace Defenses

  • Тактические учения войск ВКО РФ с боевыми стрельбами
    20:35 28.02.2014

    Russia Plans $55.3Bln Expenditure On Aerospace Defense by 2020

  • Bouclier/Pologne: déploiement de missiles d'interception d'ici 2018
    17:30 08.01.2014

    Russian Military to Strengthen Radar Defenses in 2014

  • Russia Plans to Launch 11 Military Satellites By 2015

    Russian Space Programs
  • Russia Announces Development of Unmanned Arctic Radars

  • Russia Begins Deployment of Aerospace Defenses in Arctic

  • Moscow Air Defenses Get New Short-Range Pantsir-S Systems

  • Russia Set to Launch 4 GLONASS Satellites This Year

    Russia's Glonass satellite navigation system