• With oil prices running low, Alaska is facing a fiscal challenge, Press Secretary of Alaska’s Governor says
    22:56 23.01.2015

    Budget Shortage Caused by Low Oil Prices Forces Alaska to Change Business Strategies

  • Death of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Saud will not cause any major shifts in the country's international affairs, domestic or economic policies, experts say
    07:49 23.01.2015

    Experts Say the Saudi King's Death Won't Strongly Affect the Country's Oil Price Policies

  • Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
    04:20 23.01.2015

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Dies, Prompting Surge in Oil Prices

  • People enter a government-run employment office in Madrid January 22, 2015
    15:44 22.01.2015

    Spain Still Suffering From Shocking Unemployment, 23.7% Looking for Work

  • In this picture taken with a fisheye lens the new headquarters of the European Central Bank is photographed in Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
    12:52 22.01.2015

    Oil Prices Fall, Gold Hits Peak, Euro Under Pressure Ahead of ECB Meeting

  • Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a meeting with governors and ministers at Miraflores Palace in Caracas
    05:34 22.01.2015

    Oil Prices Not Expected to Return to $100 per Barrel, Venezuelan President Says

  • The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri said on Wednesday that the decision not to cut oil output was purely economic and not directed at either Russia or the United States.
    21:55 21.01.2015

    OPEC Chief Says Decision to Maintain Oil Output Not Targeted at Russia, US

  • oil derricks
    21:54 21.01.2015

    Eni CEO Says Oil Prices Could Jump to $200 a Barrel

  • Oil Platform in the Santa Barbara Channel
    02:17 21.01.2015

    US Should Stop Exporting Light Oil to Keep Domestic Oil Prices Low

  • Swiss Franc banknotes and a one kilogramm gold bar
    17:36 20.01.2015

    Chinese Demand, Oil Prices, Swiss Monetary Policy Behind Gold Price Rise

  • Investment needs to be continued as the demand for hydrocarbon resources will grow in the long term as they are diminishing, the Statoil's executive vice president noted
    14:32 20.01.2015

    Statoil to Keep Investing in Major Projects Despite Oil Prices Crash

  • Global growth, as measured by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the world’s 19 biggest economies, is forecast to diminish over the next 50 years, as the working age population declines
    06:01 20.01.2015

    IMF Lowers 2015 Global Economy Growth Estimates From 3.8 to 3.5 Percent

  • The shale hydrocarbon revolution is unfolding in the UK at a much slower pace than the government initially expected, as only 11 new oil and natural gas wells are planned to be constructed in 2015, according to a report by The Guardian.
    18:45 19.01.2015

    Shale Oil Revolution? It’s Evolution in the UK!

  • Iranian authorities have repeatedly requested Saudi Arabia to lead the effort to stabilize the global price of crude oil in order to aid the oil-dependent economies of the region, including the Islamic Republic itself.
    18:33 18.01.2015

    Iran Calls on Saudis Yet Again to Cut Oil Production, Stop Slump in Prices

  • Oil production in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District
    16:37 17.01.2015

    Iraqi Vice President Says Oil Price Crash Is Economic War on Russia, Iran

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron says companies benefiting from the current fall in oil prices should share their profits with the employees
    03:55 17.01.2015

    British Prime Minister Calls for Higher Wages Amid Falling Oil Prices

  • Global oil market is showing signs of possible prices recovery as cancellation of major new extraction projects signifies future decrease in supply: IEA
    22:54 16.01.2015

    Global Oil Market Shows Signs of Future Prices Recovery, IEA Reports

  • Oil markets were negatively affected by Saudi Arabia's decision to cut prices for January deliveries to US and Asian customers.
    15:55 16.01.2015

    Politics Secondary Factor in US-Saudi Arabia Oil Game

  • The world’s largest oil service company Schlumberger will cut 9,000 jobs
    03:17 16.01.2015

    World’s Largest Oil Service Company Cuts 9,000 Jobs on Low Oil Prices

  • Budget cuts and a reduction in production in response to a more than 50 percent collapse in oil prices have forced American energy giant Apache to lay off 5 percent of its workforce this week
    01:00 16.01.2015

    Oil Price Plunge Forces Energy Giant to Lay Off Workers, Cut Production