• Moscow’s House on the Embankment
    09:30 19.12.2014

    'The House of Secrets': Moscow’s House on the Embankment Unclassified

  • Time capsule
    17:48 12.12.2014

    Time Capsule Dating Back to 1795 Discovered in Boston: Reports

  • Gavel in the court room
    18:21 02.12.2014

    British Reporter Convicted for Questioning Bangladesh War Toll

  • Sir Winston Leonard Alexander Spencer Churchill
    10:23 30.11.2014Photo6

    Winston Churchill: 'History Is Written by the Victors'

  • The first Thanksgiving, 1621, Pilgrims and natives gather to share a meal, oil painting by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris, 1932
    15:30 27.11.2014

    US Celebrates Thanksgiving Day

  • Chinese writer to undergo plastic surgery to become Shakespeare
    21:37 25.11.2014

    Rare Early Shakespeare Compilation Found in French Library

  • Thanksgiving turkey. (File)
    18:34 25.11.2014

    What Americans Celebrate on Thanksgiving Day

  • Situation in Kiev
    16:21 22.11.2014

    Top Ten Important Events in Ukraine Over Past Ten Years

    Turbulence in Ukraine
  • A picture titled “The Old City Hall”, right, that - as the auction house said - was painted by Adolf Hitler
    22:15 21.11.2014

    Watercolor Painted by Adolf Hitler to Be Sold At Auction This Weekend

  • Граффити на уцелевшем участке Берлинской стены
    13:04 09.11.2014

    25th Anniversary of Berlin Wall’s Fall: Facts and History

  • 30 Years Since Indira Gandhi’s Assassination: History and Facts

  • Travel Russia
    12:00 28.10.2014

    Tula – A City of Craftsmen