• Dec. 12, 2010 file photo shows the gold coin 'Big Maple Leaf' in the Bode Museum in Berlin
    03:20 13.07.2017

    Penny Pinchers Pinched: German Police Arrest 2 Suspects in 220-Pound Gold Coin Heist

  • Gold ingots
    17:43 15.06.2017

    Hedge Your Bets: Expert Investors Explain When to Go For Gold or Bitcoin

  • Gold ingots
    17:20 22.02.2017

    Russia Returns to Gold Market, Buys Tons More Precious Metal

  • An unidentified miner sifts through sand and smashed rocks looking for gold at the town of Mongbwalu, Congo (File)
    19:13 01.11.2016

    98 Percent of DR Congo's Gold is Smuggled Abroad as Pillaging Intensifies

  • Gold bars. File photo
    13:31 29.09.2016

    Russia's Adding Another 200 Tons of Gold to Its Treasury and Here's Why

  • Gold mining in Irokinda mine, Buryatia
    18:10 05.09.2016

    Gold’s Steady Rise Attracts Chinese Money to Russian Miners

  • Gold ingots
    17:30 04.08.2016

    Going for Gold: Price of Bullion Surges as China and Russia Amass Precious Metal

  • Золотой слиток
    18:52 27.07.2016

    Keep It Coming: China Looks to Russia to Supply its Gold Rush

  • Undated photo of gold ingots in the strongroom of the Swiss national bank in Bern. The Swiss government on Wednesday, April 12, 2000
    17:55 27.06.2016

    Gold Gains New Luster in Wake of UK's Brexit Vote

  • Gold ingots
    15:15 17.05.2016

    Going for Gold: Russia, China Ditch Billions of Dollars for Prized Bullion

  • E. coli bacteria
    15:48 21.03.2016

    Bacteria-Killing Gold Nanodiscs Offer Infrared Vision of Life After Antibiotics

  • Gold bars
    20:39 13.02.2016

    Rising Demand Spurs Gold Price Surge, But for Canada That's Not Enough

  • An imperial tomb of the Western Han Dynasty, which dates back to around 121 BC, is unearthed in Liuan, central China's Anhui province 07 January 2007
    20:41 25.12.2015

    Ancient Chinese Tomb Yields Record Gold Coin Haul

  • The Ksiaz castle under which the Nazi gold train is supposedly hidden underground is pictured, on August 28, 2015 in Walbrzych, Poland
    20:29 30.08.2015

    World Jewish Congress Claims to Gold of Third Reich

  • FILE - This file photo from March.2012, shows a part of a subterranean system built by Nazi Germany in what is today Gluszyca-Osowka, Poland. According to Polish lore, a Nazi train loaded with gold, and weapons vanished into a mountain at the end of World War II, as the Germans fled the Soviet advance
    19:03 27.08.2015

    Treasure Hunters Claim Discovery of 'Nazi Gold Train' in Poland

  • Sunken 18th century Spanish galleon
    15:41 28.07.2015

    Florida Family Hit Jackpot With $1Mln Gold Haul From Sunken Spanish Galleon

  • A gold bar
    18:21 24.07.2015

    Global Gold Price Reaches Five-Year Low

  • Gold
    20:26 15.05.2015

    Dragon Rising: China's Gold Will Break World's Dependence on US Dollar

  • Gold
    17:11 15.05.2015

    Inflation Fears, Grexit and Ukraine Crisis Trigger New European Gold Rush

  • In this picture taken with a fisheye lens the new headquarters of the European Central Bank is photographed in Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
    12:52 22.01.2015

    Oil Prices Fall, Gold Hits Peak, Euro Under Pressure Ahead of ECB Meeting