• A cashier displays multiple denomination US dollar and British pound Sterling bank notes
    19:28 11.01.2017

    UK National Currency Hits 31-Year Low Against US Dollar

  • US dollars
    15:44 21.11.2016

    Trump's 'Deglobalization' Economic Policy Risks Aggravating Global Dollar Shortage

  • US dollars
    15:51 19.11.2016

    Dollar Danger: US Currency Threatens to Destabilize Global Economy

  • A cashier displays multiple denomination US dollar and British pound Sterling bank notes
    10:22 12.10.2016

    UK Pound Strengthening Against US Dollar as 'Hard Brexit' Concerns Weaken

    Britain and EU After Brexit
  • An H&M store has sale signs in the window in New York City, U.S., August 11, 2016. Picture taken August 11, 2016
    14:36 13.08.2016

    Weaker US Retail Sales, Price Index Indicate Slower 3Q Growth

  • Bitcoin
    14:26 03.08.2016

    Bitcoin Drops Over 10% Against Dollar Amid Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Hack

  • Dawn breaks over the City of London, Britain June 24, 2016.
    13:15 21.07.2016

    Post-Brexit Currency Crisis to Affect Trade, Corporate Earnings

  • People walk by Morgan Stanley headquarters in New York's Times Square
    12:11 21.07.2016

    Morgan Stanley Q2 Earnings Beat Predictions, Yet Not a Trend – CEO

  • 10 dollar bill
    13:44 20.07.2016

    US Dollar Climbs to Four-Month High Amid Wave of Global Easing

  • The Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, DC
    16:39 24.06.2016

    Federal Reserve Ready to Provide Dollar Liquidity After Brexit

    Britain Says 'Cheerio' to EU
  • Banknotes
    12:16 24.06.2016

    Dollar Exchange Rate Main Risk of Brexit for Russia's Vnesheconombank

    Britain Says 'Cheerio' to EU
  • US dollars
    17:57 22.06.2016

    IMF: US Dollar Overvalued Due to Its Safe Haven Status, Oil Prices Decline

  • US dollars
    16:46 22.06.2016

    US Dollar Overvalued by 10-20% - IMF

  • US dollars
    10:25 20.05.2016

    US Data Suggests Moderate Rebound in Q2 GDP, Yet Recession Still Looming

  • Gold ingots
    15:15 17.05.2016

    Going for Gold: Russia, China Ditch Billions of Dollars for Prized Bullion

  • 10 dollar bill
    13:48 28.04.2016

    Int'l Currency Trading Slumped 20% in Last 18 Months on Dollar's Strength

  • 10 dollar bill
    16:47 24.04.2016

    US Dollar Set to Slide Steadily for First Time Since July 2014

  • 1000 yen bills and 10,000 yen bills spread out on a table.
    13:00 22.04.2016

    Bank of Japan Vows Negative Rates on Credits to Spur Economy

  • Dollar
    13:12 12.04.2016

    US Dollar in for Further Slide on Hedge Funds' Recession Awareness

  • The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building
    10:33 31.03.2016

    Only One Hike This Year: Fed Intimidated by Domestic Weakness, Int’l Risks