• Russian T-72 main battle tank
    20:14 29.05.2019

    "Russian T-72 Tank" Spotted at US Military Training Camp (VIDEO)

  • A still from a video depicting episodes of US cadets' voyage to Uzbekistan
    19:39 25.05.2019

    WATCH US Army Cadets Ride 'Made in USSR' Tank in Central Asia

  • Military equipment deployed in Moscow to participate in 9 Victory Day Parade on 9 May
    13:09 20.04.2019

    WATCH Countless Russian Military Vehicles Arrive in Moscow

  • Tank Drag Race at -20Cº: Uralvagonzavod Pays Homage to Its Eminent Tank Inventor
    18:04 03.12.2018

    WATCH Tank Drag Race at -20Cº: Uralvagonzavod Pays Homage to Its Eminent Tank Inventor

  • Protesters shout out slogans about boycott referendum on changing the country's name that would open the way for it to join NATO and the European Union in Skopje, Macedonia September 30, 2018
    20:47 02.10.2018

    Observers Explain Three Reasons Behind NATO's Push for Macedonia Admission

  • Т-72B1
    21:40 04.07.2018

    'Armored Carousels' & 'Tank Trousers': Look Inside Russia's Modern Tank Tactics

  • Military plane of the US led coalition. (File)
    21:43 13.02.2018

    WATCH: US-Led Coalition Strike Syrian Government Forces

  • T-72 tank in action at the Tank Biathalon-2016 competition in Albino, Moscow region.
    18:54 05.12.2017

    Serbia to Get the Same Russian Firepower That Helped Crush Daesh in Syria

  • 2S25 Sprut-SD self-propelled tank destroyer during equipment demonstration at the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2015” in Moscow region
    16:46 25.09.2017

    Indian Army to Get Light Tanks Suitable for Quick Deployment at China Border

  • Armored vehicle plant in Lvov Region
    17:37 26.08.2017

    All Good Things Come to An End: Ukraine's Impressive Soviet Tank Reserves Running Out

  • An Indian army T-90 (Bhishma) tank is seen during the full dress rehearsal for the upcoming Indian Republic Day parade in New Delhi
    13:45 21.08.2017

    India’s Main Battle Tanks T-90, T-72 to Become More Lethal

  • India's mobile surface-to-air missile defense system Akash is displayed during a press day of the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in Goyang, north of Seoul, on October 28, 2013
    16:20 16.08.2017

    Indian Defense Sector Opens up to Private Players; Clears $2.8 Bln of Orders

  • Russian Military Practicing Firing Exercises
    13:00 16.05.2017

    Russian Military Perfecting Their Skills

  • A Serbian army soldier inspects an M-84 battle tank during a defense fair, in Belgrade, Serbia, Tuesday, June 28, 2011
    10:17 01.05.2017

    Ambitious Plans: Serbia Ramping Up Defense Production

  • Kurganets-25 armored personnel carriers with medium-category caterpillar chassis at the military parade to mark the 71st anniversary of Victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War, May 9, 2016
    13:57 22.04.2017

    Top 5 Military Hardware Surprises of Moscow Victory Parade This Year (PHOTOS)

  • A man passes by a billboards reading 'Russia' , left and 'Serbia' in Belgrade, Serbia.
    13:07 28.03.2017

    Ambivalent No Longer: Serbia Wants Closer Partnership With Russia

  • T-90 c armour
    16:38 01.01.2017

    Syrian War Doubles Sales of Russian Tanks

  • A soldier stands guard as an Indian Air Force AN-32 transport aircraft.
    12:41 29.11.2016

    India Considers More Active Military Role in Afghanistan

  • T-90MS
    15:35 15.11.2016

    Indian Army Wants to Urgently Induct New Generation Russian Tanks

  • The T-90 tank
    17:45 07.11.2016

    India to Contract for More Russian Tanks, Plans Domestic Assembling