• US Republican lawmakers expect last-hour vote to save NSA spying program
    23:11 23.05.2015

    US Republican Lawmakers Expect Last-Hour Vote to Save NSA Spying Program

  • US House Speaker urges Senate to vote on bulk data collection
    22:32 21.05.2015

    US House Speaker Urges Senate to Vote on Bulk Data Collection

  • Controversial provisions of the US Patriot Act allowing bulk data collection on US citizens may expire as a result of political disagreements in the Senate - Senator
    22:06 21.05.2015

    Patriot Act May Expire Due to Disagreements in the US Senate

  • US Republican Presidential candidate and Senator Rand Paul
    23:35 20.05.2015

    Rand Paul Filibustering Renewal of Patriot Act Bulk Data Collection

  • The 'Others': Are British Muslims Being Targeted by UK Politics?
    06:11 15.05.2015

    FBI Uses National Security as Excuse to Suppress Muslim-Americans

  • The National Security Agency building at Fort Meade, Md. The National Security Agency has been extensively involved in the U.S. government's targeted killing program, collaborating closely with the CIA in the use of drone strikes against terrorists abroad, The Washington Post reported Wednesday Oct. 16, 2013 after a review of documents provided by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden.
    20:06 11.05.2015

    NSA Director to Work With US Congress to Speed Up Bulk Data Collection

  • A demonstrator holds a placard that reads: I am on Record, during a gathering at Invalides, Paris, to protest against the emergency government surveillance law, Monday, May 4, 2015.
    17:48 07.05.2015

    Road Paved With Good Intentions: France May Adopt Own 'Patriot Act'

  • I-Spy logo
    16:10 29.04.2015

    Controversial Patriot Act ‘Harmful’ to US Security - US Politician

  • Spyware stealing your passwords
    13:35 29.04.2015

    Bill to Modify NSA Mass Spying on Citizens Reintroduced to US Congress

  • Republican Presidential Candidates Divided Over Patriot Act

  • A woman uses a cell phone
    01:08 28.04.2015

    US Intelligence Community Abuses the Worst in Recent History

  • Phone
    22:20 27.04.2015

    US Patriot Act Allowing Mass Surveillance Likely to Be Extended

  • Surveillance camera
    21:35 27.04.2015

    US Patriot Act Should Be ‘Let Die’ - NSA Whistleblower

  • Headphones
    14:01 27.04.2015

    US Mass Surveillance Practice Useless in Detecting Terrorists

  • The broad surveillance powers granted to US law enforcement agencies by the Patriot Act are critical in gathering evidence and pursuing prosecutions in the age of terrorism, former Watergate US federal prosecutor Nick Akerman said
    01:15 23.04.2015

    US Needs Patriot Act Investigative Powers - Watergate Prosecutor

  • Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr
    23:55 22.04.2015

    Renewal of Patriot Act to Keep US Safe - Senate Intelligence Chairman

  • Students at Queens College in New York gather for a vigil, Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015, in honor of three Muslim students killed recently near the University of North Carolina
    22:48 22.04.2015

    US Patriot Act Renewal Bill Alarms Muslim Community - Islamic Rights Group

  • Surveillance camera
    19:21 26.03.2015

    Patriot Act Unleashes Internal Surveillance in US - Libertarian Party

  • The FBI is defending its use of controversial “stingrays” surveillance technology.
    01:51 26.03.2015

    US Must End Mass Surveillance Under Patriot Act - Civil Groups

  • Senator Marco Rubio has called for Congress to permanently extend of the government’s post-9/11 surveillance powers.
    10:04 28.01.2015

    Senator Rubio Calls for Surveillance, Congressman Wants Rubio Surveilled